Operations Audits

Verify daily operations are running at peak performance

Operations Audits

Envysion Operations Audits review safety, cleanliness, and customer service at your restaurant or convenience store to ensure your customers have a great experience and keep coming back.


Daily Audits Tailored to Fit Your Business’ Needs

Envysion generates daily, time-focused samples and audits specific issues tailored to your needs, designed and approved by experts in the restaurant industry. These audits are performed by accessing your security cameras and are available for a dollar a day, on average.

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Increase Customer Trust

Customer satisfaction is measured by a number of factors, and ensuring an excellent, consistent experience is among them. With Operations Audits, we review employee and customer interactions so that you know where training and reward opportunities exist.

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Protect Against Fines

Building a profitable business requires a sound financial and operating strategy. Envysion Operations Audits help you to stop paying steep fines due to non-compliance issues.

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Identify Compliance Violations

Everyone understands the importance of adhering to compliance standards, but it can be difficult to track. Operations Audits alert you when employees are not following compliance codes, potentially putting your employees and customers at risk for workers compensation and general liability claims. These can damage the reputation of your restaurant and your profitability.

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Audits Caught It

It can be difficult to catch poor behavior in a store, but Envysion's professional Audit Team has the sharp eye to identify these non-compliance issues. Once you're aware, then you can address the issues and keep your store, and culture, in great shape.

Safety, Cleanliness, and Customer Satisfaction

Envysion Operations Audits allow our expert auditors to evaluate the quality and consistency of execution across all of your restaurant or convenience store locations using Envysion Managed Video. With programs designed to target safety, site cleanliness, and customer satisfaction, you can obtain multiple daily data points to assess compliance to operational best practices.

What Operators Are Saying
“Video is a big driver in changing the culture of fast casual and drive-thru service. Just having the Envysion system in place makes everyone on staff think a little more carefully about how they act because it’s all being recorded and can be pulled up pretty much anytime we want or need.”
Bryan Robinson
Owner, TR Foods

Comprehensive Insight of Operational Violations

Our team of certified audit experts review the day-to-day operations of your restaurant to ensure your team is following safety procedures, cleanliness, and customer experience expectations. Audit results are viewable in your Envysion Dashboard and can be emailed to you directly - daily or weekly.

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Operations Audits

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