Cloud Archive

Data Storage for Future Accessibility

Cloud Archive

Protect your business–in the event of potential future litigation–by archiving your video in the cloud. Because the past is never truly behind us, safeguard against liability claims and other workplace events for what may arise months or years after the initial event.

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Cost Effective Video Storage

Protecting your business shouldn't be costly. Only pay for the litigation window you need.

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Accessible From The Cloud

Keep your video safe and easy to grab in the cloud. There when you need it, out of sight when you don't.

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No Additional Hardware Required

Archive up to 16 cameras at a time without the hassle of a DVR.

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The Comfort of Knowing You’re Covered

Cloud Archive provides cost-effective, long-term storage of your video in the cloud to ensure older video can be retrieved and shared when needed.

Whether to augment your existing on-premise video storage, or to safe-guard against liability claims that may not come until months after the event, Cloud Archive means never having to worry that the evidence you need to support legal decision making has been lost or erased.

Protect yourself from device damage, failure, or destruction by adding a feature rich cloud back-up solution to your Envysion software suite.

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How Cloud Archive Saved $1.5M In 2 Years

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