Managed Video Solution

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Managed Video Solution

Pair your existing security cameras with your POS system to gain more visibility into your business. Remote monitoring for easier business management anywhere, anytime.


Access Your Video Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re logging on at your desk or on the go via your mobile device, access to your video is always a click away.

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Drill Down With Powerful Search

Hone in on the exact interaction you need with video motion search, or filter recorded video by transaction, location, day, and time.

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Watch, Save, and Share Video

Turn your video security evidence into action by clipping, saving, and sharing your video surveillance footage.

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More Visibility Into Your Business with Managed Video Solutions

Envysion's experts tailor camera setups to fit your store's layout, ensuring maximum coverage. Easily monitor specific areas or multiple locations via mobile phone or desktop.

Managed Video Solution Services

With Envysion’s video security solution, you have a team of professionally trained video surveillance and loss prevention experts on your side.

Receive 24/7 hardware monitoring and proactive updates deployed automatically from the cloud to ensure the security of your recorded video and ensure maximum uptime.

Envysion Easily Access, Save, and Share Video Footage Platform
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Video Security Recording System

Whether you need new equipment or would like use your own, Envysion’s intuitive managed video solutions are compatible with the industry’s most advanced security camera hardware and video recording technology.

Automated System Health Checks for Peak Performance

Envysion’s System Health reporting offers a simple and hassle-free way of maintaining your devices and integrations at peak performance.

System Health offers a singular view of the health of your critical video security systems and loss prevention infrastructure to detect, verify, and respond quickly to offline cameras, point of sale, and EnVR’s relieving any unnecessary downtime. Easy access to view system failures offers quick resolution and lower downtime costs.

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Anytime, anywhere video access with the Envysion Mobile App

Watch live or recorded video, create and save video clips and snapshots, review your flagged incidents, and more all on the go with our cloud-based mobile app.

Ready to get more out of your business' video surveillance?

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