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April 2024

Smart Site Protection™

Refreshed Alarm Iconography

The cards in the Alarm Activity Log now have a new and modern look to enhance your experience while reviewing alarm events. The new card layout provides better clarity around the nature and severity of alarm information. Important details such as event name and time are now more prominently displayed, making it easier to quickly scan and understand the details of an alarm from the time it has been triggered until the alarm is closed.

Updated Security Insights Cards

To help better represent the classified alarm events we highlight in our Security Dashboard, the chart previously known as “Total Dispatched” is now titled “Total Escalated Alarms”. In addition, we’ve implemented a few aesthetic modifications to the Smart Site Protection (SSP) cards on both the Main Dashboard and SSP Dashboard: updating titles and placing the event totals clearly in the center of the donut chart. These changes are designed to enhance your user experience by promoting visual consistency and clarity across our platform.

System Health

Updated Appliance Connection Information

We have added appliance connectivity history to System Health to provide greater context for platform assessment and troubleshooting. Users can see how long systems have been offline and when new, or restored, systems last connected to our cloud server, which can help customers prioritize replacements and provide better context to oldest video date and other system health metrics.

March 2024

System Health Advancement


Use the new hardware events log to diagnose and troubleshoot intermittent equipment failures for cameras and appliances. The hardware events log is a supplement to your System Health, by displaying hardware equipment status over time, while System Health provides a snapshot of the entire domain.


When cameras shift or are obstructed, they stop delivering value and necessary protection. On the Hardware Events tab, these type of tampering events will tie back to the video just prior to the event, so that intentional tampering can be reviewed.

This development is currently available in a limited capacity. If you would like to test this new feature, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager. Full feature delivery is planned for mid Q2 2024.


Added visibility into delivery information including the driver, dispatch, and delivery times on the receipt, where available. Users can also now review Driver Commission Payouts and Time Clock Punches.


Enhanced Posnet integration to include additional void-type transactions made newly available by Posnet.

February 2024

Main Dashboard


Risk Snapshot and Sales Insights are now visible on the New Main Dashboard. This brings a complete set of data visualization and insights to both mobile and desktop users, combining System Health, Point of Sale, and Smart Site Protection Insights under one roof.


Mobile users also gain the benefit of having access to these insights available on the go as well with direct links back into reports and transactions.


New insights have been added to the System Health “Cameras” and “Appliances” dashboard cards so that users will be able to see, at a glance, if any of their cameras or appliances have fallen offline within the past 24 hours and take appropriate action to restore those devices or open tickets with Envysion technical support.



Envysion Video Analytics


The most recent release adds the ability to enable Envysion Video Analytics (EVA), previously only available on a separate dedicated appliance, to any EnVR running EnvyOS 8 (Gen10 and newer). Envysion Video Analytics provides people counting/traffic AI intelligence to a growing number of retail customers.


All standard non-analytic IP cameras previously supported by EVA remain supported by this latest release, with the added bonus that the analytic stream on Pelco cameras is now configured automatically as part of our system camera management.

Access Control


It is now possible to filter your Avigilon Alta Access Control events table by:

  • Date Range

  • Employee Name

  • Entry

  • Credential Type

  • Result

Additionally, we have also added a “Play” to each event in the table that has been mapped to a camera, that comes from an entry that is mapped with at least one camera and has a video available, making the “Play video” feature more intuitive.


System Health


System Health has been updated to modern components with more customization options than ever before. Users can now change the row display density, hide and show columns and mix and match filters on the page. Access to this new System Health UI has been granted to an initial group of test users, and additional users can be added by request, prior to broad release.


Third-Party Device Support


We have updated camera provisioning to ensure that all Paramont series cameras from Invid can be automatically provisioned, including those that were previously reporting their make generically as “IP”.


We have added full support to stream video from American Dynamics cameras, despite its non-standard RTSP port.


We have added support to correct the aspect ratio of 5MP Lite analog cameras (e.g. connected to Invid Encoders. Note: Any clips created prior to AR291 will need to be regenerated in order to present the correct aspect ratio).



January 2024

Smart Site Protection


Three new insights cards will now be available on the main dashboard, in a section dedicated to Smart Site Protection, to highlight recent events over the past seven days for our Security users:

  • Total alarms – a summary of all alarms that occurred, split by verification status

  • Total dispatched alarms – a summary of all alarms that turned into dispatch requests of our alarm partner, split by Police Contacted alarms and Canceled alarms

  • Total No Threat alarms – a summary of total alarms classified as “No Threat”, including those classified as “Late Departure” alarms.

For deeper analysis users can navigate directly to the Smart Site Protection dashboard.


Smart Site Protection


Our new dashboard enhancements help risk managers assess their alarm history over time more easily than ever. Smart Site Protection users will be able to filter the Total Alarms chart on the SSP Dashboard by Alarm Verification status and also by a defined date range of 24 hours, 7 days (Default), 30 days or 90 days. The filters will also apply to the sites list below and to the two other cards – Total Dispatched and Total No Threats.


Access Control


Envysion is now fully integrated to provide visibility into the events driven from the Avigilon Alta best-in-class cloud-managed access control solution. Security users can now map their video cameras to the events from Alta reader devices and leverage the Access Control events tab on their Site page to review any suspicious event from their Alta system.


December 2023

Smart Site Protection


It is now possible to view Avigilon Alta Access Control events, where available, directly in the Envysion application. Envysion users, with the new “Access Control User” capability added to their role, can now review all attempts to access their building within the Envysion application. The event table is customizable, allowing the user to add or remove columns or to change the height of the rows to best fit their device.

Avigilon Alta integration can be provisioned for each domain, by a user granted the “Access Control Admin” capability, under the “Integrations” setting from within the gear menu.

Envysion Reports – Intelligence Insights


Based on user demand, Intelligence Insights now offers Loss Prevention investigators four new Insight Charts to help visually identify sites and employees that are trending above the domain average for suspicious activity:

  • Refund Percentage of Sales by Approving Manager: Provides a new insight to identify outlier manager behavior, regardless of the cashier logged in while a refund is issued.

  • Discounts as a Percentage of Sales: Provides new insights on the overall usage of discounts across an organization, allowing users to identify sites with higher usage based on percentage of sales compared to their organization.

  • Employee / Manager Meals as a Percentage of Sales: As Employee and Manager Meals are often used to detect potential fraud and unauthorized discounting, this chart provides new insights into sites that are trending above the company average for employee meal discounting.

  • Sales Summary: Provides insights into the recent trend of overall sales and average transaction value, changes to which can immediately reflect reductions in theft and improved ROI.



The breadcrumbs for navigating between sites and employees on the charts have been moved above the chart to improve readability as users drill into each histogram.

Camera Provisioning


Streamlined camera provisioning by providing users with a camera thumbnail during camera assignment, making it easier for users to decide how to name the camera, which register it should be linked to and which camera it is replacing.

November 2023

Smart Site Protection


When enabling cameras or mapping devices to cameras, the lack of a thumbnail slowed down users from selecting the right cameras. Each dialogue has been enhanced with thumbnails of the images captured by the respective cameras. This makes it easier to identify a camera for enablement or for mapping cameras with a panic button*.

*Please note that the “Panic Button” is an experimental feature, designed to gather user feedback and improve its functionality and it is only available to select early access domains at this time.



Our professional monitoring agents review video clips associated with detected person events to assess threats. It’s possible, however, that a clip fails to upload in time to provide them this video context and the agent has to make a decision without it. Motion alarms associated with  media upload failure or timeout will be now marked with a label in the Alarm Summary page, making them easier to identify and triage.



When adding new managed cameras to a site, we have included a new copy button that allows the user to preserve the original IP address of the camera rather than overwrite it with Envysion defaults. This will make installation and provisioning easier for installs where customers have specified network ranges for their cameras..

October 2023


To improve the efficiency of system installs, network configuration is now available in Device Management. When managing any EnVR running on appliance update AR290 or above (scheduled to begin rollout at the end of September), users will be able to configure the Virtual and Camera Network directly from Device Management. The network settings will remain configured during an appliance swap, further reducing technician labor at customer sites.

Device Management – Network Configuration Tab


The new Envysion Dashboard features a dedicated section of System Health Status to enhance navigation and provide a quick overview. This Section will display vital information about the status of your cameras, appliances and cloud archive. The information will be presented on separate cards, which will also serve as shortcuts to the main System Health page and the Cloud Archive page.


We have introduced early access software support for a new trigger within Smart Site Protection called panic buttons. With this feature, you can instantly generate a dispatch alarm request\ by simply pressing a wireless button in case of emergencies. Each Panic Button can be mapped with up to 4 cameras, and the alarms triggered by it will be visible in the alarm list.

*Please note that this is an experimental feature, designed to gather user feedback and improve its functionality and it is only available to select early access domains at this time.


Filtering and sorting has been added to the Alarms Configuration page, to allow users to filter the sites list by Alarm Mode (Armed, Disarmed, Events Only and Test Mode) and sort the results by any of the table’s columns. This capability will help expedite Smart Site Protection onboarding by providing users an each way to identify sites with open issues as they progress the full list toward the “Armed” state..


The initial release displays three System Health cards, providing quick insights on Camera, Appliance, and Cloud archive status. The dashboard is being launched in a phased approach, starting with Video-Only customers.

Smart Site Protection


The SSP mode(Disarmed, Events Only, Test or Armed) is now displayed directly on the Alarm Summary page allowing users to quickly identify the mode of their site when verifying the alarms, mitigating the need to navigate to the Alarm configuration page and manually search for that site.


The Alarm Configuration page now allows users to check the details of an alarm generated on any site if they notice an unusual number of events. Checking the number of events generated over the past 24 hours is an important step to make sure that schedules, masks and cameras are enabled properly for each site. With this update, users configuring SSP are able to navigate to any site’s Alarm Summary page directly from the Alarm Configuration page.

Cloud Archive


Ensuring that new cameras are configured for Cloud Archive is critical to keeping customer systems operational and backed up. EnVR Administrators can now configure Cloud Archive on the Device Management page, which already gives users important information on each camera channel such as a thumbnail view, camera status and recording status to help them make better decisions about  which channels to enable for Cloud Archive. The Device Management page will also display the Cloud Archive channel status next to the camera status, giving users additional opportunities to correct any issues with Cloud Archive as they arise.



As more customers migrate from analog cameras to IP cameras, we expect Envysion bridge replacements with EnVRs to rise. Formerly, these replacements would not automatically transfer important site level configuration choices, such as channel settings, cloud archive configurations, and Smart Site Protection parameters. Install support users can now use the EnVR swap utility to safely swap in an EnVR for Hikvision DVR and bridge systems and automatically transfer all camera channel information, cloud archive configuration and SSP configuration to the new system.

Intelligence Insights


Envysion Reports  users have asked for greater control over the selection of data visualizations shown to their users on the Intelligence Insights page, based on their particular use of their point-of-sale and their current focus for LP investigation. Intelligence Admin users now have the power to control which Insights are displayed on this page. Clicking the “Edit Dashboard” button, Admins can now easily manage the visibility of Insights on our Intelligence Insights dashboard. Changes impact all users within the domain.

September 2023


Envysion has broken ground on a new Dashboard that brings attention to the most important information in an easy to view and digestible card-format providing a framework to display more actionable Insights, KPIs and Charts which streamlines how users navigate the Envysion application.

The initial launch includes two cards showing Camera and Appliance status to bring users from the Dashboard to a pre-filtered view of system health (Dashboard Offline Cameras.mov). Additional cards, e.g. Cloud Archive Status, SSP Police Dispatch, are already planned in future releases. This feature is behind a feature flag and will be released gradually to customers in a prescribed approach.



To enhance the safety of employees, Envysion is piloting an LTE-based panic button to immediately create an escalated alarm event for our Central Monitoring Station (Noonlight). A panic button event is automatically mapped to the first four enabled SSP cameras (based on Display Order), providing a 4-up live stream for monitoring station agents, and its name and status displayed on the alarm configuration screen. Panic buttons are available only to select early access customers, as coordinated with Mike Rafoul.




As an end-to-end security software provider, a new link has been added to top navigation to take users directly to the Avigilon Alta login screen, and provide a seamless transition between Motorola security products.


To deliver Intelligence Insights uniformly to all Reports customers, we have added configurable data categorization to our point-of-sale data processing. This feature ensures that our Risk and KPI dashboard widgets can be populated across our various customers consistently, regardless of the specific data labels used by their POS adapter.

Accessible by users with the Intelligence Admin capability from the gear cog menu, our new Intelligence Configuration screen allows users to manage those categorizations (and more):

  • Tender Types

  • Discount Types

  • Register Locations

Look forward to new data visualizations in future releases that will leverage these data groupings to derive new insights, such as:

  • How are Comp discounts impacting my bottom line, without having to hunt and select each comp discount?

  • What’s my drive-thru transaction volume compared to my front counter during certain hours, without having to select each register.



Users familiar with our Smart Site Protection Calipsa analytic enablement work flow will now be able to configure analytic channels for loss prevention applications, beginning with customer detection during refund transactions. This upcoming feature will allow us to add video intelligence to further assess suspicious transactions for risk.

August 2023


To mitigate false alarms when employees are still working, Smart Site Protection™ (SSP) now allows up to 5 minutes grace period on the scheduled arming of SSP to avoid alerting on “late departures”. During this period, detected person events are logged but do not trigger alarm notifications. The alarm notification and summary page will tag these events with “Late Departure”.


To allow SSP Administrators to easily track the onboarding of each new site in their domain and confirm that all sites are fully enabled for security monitoring, a single flat list with all sites on the with Alarm Mode status is added to the Alarm Configuration page.


Multiple enhancements to streamline the information presented in the SSP activity log.


To inform users about the deleted dollars represented without the user needing to navigate to reports, the deleted items chart now displays the delete item dollar amounts on the visualization instead of the transaction amounts.


To improve the UX, appliance preferences have moved to the appliance tab from the Configurations page so that users are able to modify preferences per appliance.

July 2023

Hard Drive Failover

When a data partition failure is detected on the ENVR hard drive, regardless if it is during the system startup or normal operation, the ENVR will switch to a smaller spare partition. This switch takes place on the ENVR’s SSD for the 8th Gen and 10th Gen systems and on the ENVR’s hard drive itself for older systems. If this hard drive failover is detected, the ENVR will issue a notification to the monitor system which will be created in Salesforce in the near-term cases.


Multi-Lens Hanwha Camera Support

Users are now presented with all of the available lenses that a multi-lens Hanwha camera supports such as the PNM-9002VQ and can now add all of those lenses at the same time as opposed to only being able to view one. These lenses can be viewed on the Camera Provisioning workflow.


EnVR Web Interface/Local Update

The video player in the EnVR Web Interface has been updated to a more modern player which corrects a number of issues with the playing of video. 

Removed the one hour limitation being imposed on exports by EWI as the backend supports exports up to 10 hours.


Smart Site Protection™ (SSP)

Alarms Camera Enablement

SSP Admin users can now enable cameras within seconds, without going through any upfront validation. 

  • Currently enabling a site for SSP takes minutes per camera and imposes constraints that may prevent some cameras from being enabled. This causes excess alarm events to be created, due to person(s) going off-camera for five minutes which then triggers SSP to be rearmed. 
  • The new workflow allows users to enable additional cameras without constraint, while also improving the event quality of your SSP configuration.

When cameras are masked for motion, the mask is now shared with our cloud analytics tool, minimizing person detection in unwanted areas of the image. This change is designed to reduce false positive person-detected events (e.g. people seen through a window).


SSP Alarms Modes

Now available – Alternate Alarm Modes to:

  • Allow for testing and fine tuning a site without creating noise to end users
  • Keep sites in a pre-configured state, and be able to move from Disarmed to Armed in a moment’s notice
  • Provide customers with insights on what mode or state the site is currently in
  • Link to the individual configuration screens from the alarm modes panel

In order to switch from our current ‘Envysion Monitoring’ feature to ‘Alarm Mode’ the development team is repurposing this feature for both Professional Monitoring and Self-Verifying customers.

Users can now see the Alarm Mode current state on the alarms configuration screen in both mobile (Release 3.30.0 scheduled for end of June) and web, but only Admin users are unable to open and edit the Alarm Mode.

Users will now see a warning popup when selecting an Alarm Mode without completing the prerequisite configuration steps.

All links within the Alarm Mode interface, along with helper and warning popups are now active and guide the user to remedy their issue


Smart Site Protection™ (SSP) Alarms Camera Enablement

When masking  a camera to define the detection area for SSP, users can now completely clear the existing mask and draw a new one from scratch or revert to the previously saved mask.

Previously, on selecting the save/enable button, the camera enablement dialog would close and the user would see a snackbar notification with the status, whether or not the operation was successful. Our improved behavior shows an alert in the dialog itself and the user can either close it (if the save/enablement was successful) or retry/cancel (if an error occurred).


SSP Alarms Workflow: Live Agent Timeout

For Alarm Monitoring customers, if an alarm event clip is not verified by the live agent within a set period of time (currently 240 seconds), the system will automatically send a dispatch request to the alarm partner, where a dispatch agent will be able to review live video and immediately take action.


SSP Quick Wins

Unified the behavior of our “edit” icons across the entire Alarm Configuration page. 

Each row of the Alarm Events page is now clickable, rather than just the right side arrow, to improve ease of use.

Corrected a condition where one clip was intermittently being excluded from a grouped alarm, when multiple cameras detect motion simultaneously.

SSP Admin users will now be able to view and edit unassigned schedules, in addition to previously just being able to delete them.


Intelligence Insights

Released two new data visualization elements for loss prevention into our Reports product under the Intelligence tab., 

  • Refund Dollars as a Percentage of Sales
  • Deleted Item Dollars as a Percentage of Sales  

Sites and employees are shown relative to the average for the domain. 

Visualizations allow users to drill down to the employee and then navigate to a list of transactions based on the metric and employee for quick review and action.

Combined Risk Snapshot and these new KPI visualizations into a singular Insights tab within Reports, for simplified access and navigation.


User Management

Single Sign-On and Password management functionality, released in (June) R573 under the “Authentication” menu item, is now available across all domains to give users advanced options for user credentials management. 

  • Users will need the “Security Administrator” capability to see the new menu item and to manage password expiration. 
  • Users will need the “SSO Administrator” capability to further manage single sign-on. Both capabilities have been added to the Domain Admin User role by default, and will need  to be added to an appropriate user role.

Resolved an issue that prevented a user’s clips from being transferred to a different Envysion user, when the original user is deleted.


Multi Appliance Sites with Category Mismatch

Corrected an issue that allowed appliances at the same site to be associated with different categories within the organizational tree. This change ensures that all appliances associated with a site remain organized together.


Traffic Report

Resolved an issue that was preventing users from saving customized versions of the Traffic Report.


Device Management

Users can add cameras via the Device Management screen for network video recorders that are performing software updates. This change to unblock system setup is temporary due to the delay of the recorder upgrade feature. Once the upgrade feature has been completed, the block will return. Please keep in mind that adding a camera to your recorder while it is upgrading may result in failures to said camera being added. If this occurs, the action of adding a camera will need to be repeated.


Intelligence Insights

Risk Snapshot will no longer prevent data from being displayed on iOS Devices.

Risk Snapshot transactions, employees, and sites widgets now use the non-normalized score which resolves a sorting issue causing some results to display out of order.

Previous versions of Risk Snapshot sorted transactions, employees, and sites according to high, medium, low, or minimal risk, which did not ensure that the most risky of the group appeared at the top of the list. Widgets now sort according to their raw calculated risk value, which ensures they are correctly ordered in snapshot widgets


Data Visualizations

Addressed an issue that excluded some refund transaction types from the new “Refund Dollars as a Percentage of Sales” KPI chart, now available to Reports customers

All data columns in new KPI Charts are now clickable with the addition of a set minimum display height on the site and employee columns.

Resolved an issue where sites and employees with zero refunds were still appearing in the “Refund Dollars as a Percentage of Sales” KPI Chart.


Equipment Notifications Email

For multi-brand customers receiving camera and appliance alerts, the Brand of the location was added to the subject line of our alert emails to allow them to be more easily filterable by customer IT teams upon receipt.



Resolved an issue that resulted in downloading clips to be given generic file names. Downloaded video clips are now correctly given the clip’s title as the filename.


Transaction Report

Users will no longer see discrepancies between summary and receipt-level views when combining certain filters.


Tender Count Filtering

Filtering by Tender Count has been restricted to only counting payments received from the customer as it previously showed inconsistent results by also counting payments issued.

June 2023

Smart Site Protection™

Alarm Configuration

Within the Alarm Configuration screen, each site’s schedule name is now visible without having to click on individual sites.

Quickly search for sites by schedule name using the search bar to find all schedules with the same name.

Example: Show all schedule names “Winter 2023” or “Unassigned Schedules”. Delete any schedules that are old, out of date, or not currently assigned to sites.

Alarm Summary Page

Filters set on the Alarm Events page will now transfer over to the Alarm Summary page without having to update the filters.


System Health


View and sort your site’s storage capacity within System Health by the number of days of footage from each site beginning from the oldest date and number of days saved within your data storage.

Viewing your storage capacity details can help you identify potential configuration issues or to confirm you comply with your retention policy.
Too much video could mean you have extremely low quality video.
Too little video could mean you have a higher quality video recording than you may need.




Synchronize heatmaps to visually compare activity by equal color representation across the group of views.

View an image of a select time range to represent the activity across that set time.


Device Management

Mobile Accessible

Users can now view and use Device Management pages in the Mobile web browser.

Camera Provisioning

Refresh the Camera Provisioning window to view additional cameras, and no longer see deleted cameras in the provisioning window.


Password Configuration for Cloud Authentication


Security Admins can now configure automatic password expirations for organization and set rules for password length via the gear menu.
*Not available for Single Sign On users.

Expirations are based on the most recent time a user’s password was reset.

Example: User A manually reset their password 15 days ago, and User B had their password reset yesterday. The Security Admin user set the password expiration rule to 30 days. User A’s password will expire and need to be reset in 15 days, while User B’s password will expire in 29 days.


May 2023

Risk Snapshot

Risk Snapshot Dashboard: Mobile Launch

Risk Snapshot is now available to Envysion Reports customers on both the web and mobile apps. Our new set of summary visualizations highlight transactions of interest by employee and site while easily navigating to video for review.


Smart Site Protection™

Events Page

Users can now access the Smart Site Protection™ Events homepage from the navigation bar, see the total number of alarm events, and a sorted table of site names and their event counts. Filter by classification and date range, and view site-specific alarms.

Alarm Summary Page

Previously when watching video the player only showed the Smart Site Protection™ cameras when trying to switch cameras. Now users can switch to any camera, not only Smart Site Protection™.



Heatmap Enhancements

We have implemented several enhancements to the heatmaps, including time and duration synchronization across all displayed heatmaps, calendar display of the oldest available heatmap data, error message notifications when a heatmap cannot be generated, and improved camera image quality within the heatmaps.



New Filter: End of Time

Users can now search for transactions based on their end time, providing a valuable tool for identifying potential theft by employees who keep transactions open for extended periods or make modifications to closed transactions during late-night hours.

Refund Report

The Refund Report has been enhanced to include a new transaction amount field, replacing the previous refund amount display. Additionally, we have updated the refund amount calculation to match the filter data, and introduced a new transaction amount filter for better search result refinement.


Wizardline Integration for Domino’s Operators

New Transaction Types: Bad Order / Abandon Order

​​We have added two new transaction types, Bad Order and Abandon Order, to better align with Dominos’ internal reporting systems and improve the user experience when searching for transactions marked as such by employees. This will allow for more accurate and efficient identification of these transactions.

Improved Delivery and Modification Information, Multi Camera Playback, and Extended End Times

We’ve made significant improvements to our delivery and modification information, allowing for better transparency and easier identification of potential issues. Receipts for Delivery Orders now contain dispatch and return times, along with the driver’s name, and these events are clickable in the video player’s event log. Additionally, when a transaction is marked as Bad Order or Edited, the name of the approving manager will be displayed. 

We’ve also extended the end time of a transaction to the latest of the tender, edit, and driver return times, and added multi-camera playback functionality. These enhancements help identify manipulations and validate returns, providing users with a better overall experience.