Reports Powered by Data Integration

Eliminate Preventable Loss

Reports Powered by Data Integration

Determine the driving force behind inventory and financial loss. Envysion’s exception-based reporting tool quickly identifies discrepancies in business transactions to help minimize preventable loss and eliminate undesired activity before it jeopardizes your bottom line.


Maximize Your Time Solving the Problem, Not Identifying It

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Increase Profitability, Reduce Inventory Shrinkage and Lower Costs


Foster A High-Performing, Accountable Work Environment

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Reports Tailored To Your Business

Use templates or create customized reports relevant to your business to identify where employees are mismanaging food costs and uncover instances of theft. Drill down reports by location, employee, receipt number and time. Refine the results using any combination of filters available within a given report to collect specific data.

Video-Based Evidence

Remove the guesswork out of decision making. Verify the exception using Reports, side-by-side video footage and transactional data to go back to the exact moment in a situation.

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Only When You Need It

Only review Reports when necessary. Receive daily or weekly notifications via email with transactions, locations or employees that fall outside a set criteria and may require further action. Take reports on the go when you need to. Promptly navigate and review the same reports generated from the Envysion web application on your mobile device.

Create Positive Change

Hold your employees accountable by combining Reports, powered by Data Integration with Envysion’s Incident Management tool. Feel confident when addressing internal problems with clear and actionable next steps. Take control of the situation to change undesired behaviors before they cause further implications.

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Anytime, anywhere video access with the Envysion Mobile App

Watch live or recorded video, create and save video clips and snapshots, review your flagged incidents, drill into reports, and more all on the go with our cloud-based mobile app.

See How Reports Could Help You


Increasing the volume of sales, but still not profiting? You’re not alone. Take an inside look to learn how you can fix this.

Convenience Stores

Have you ever caught an employee sweethearting deals or line voiding items to favor them? C-store managers everywhere are combatting this problem with just one simple step.


Did you know that for retailers the average loss per employee theft incident is greater than the loss per shoplifting incident? Identify the red flags to mitigate both internal and external theft.

Reports Powered By Data Integration

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