Expert-Designed Loss Prevention Solutions by Envysion

Protect Your Business with Tailored Loss Prevention Solutions

Envysion's Expert-Designed Loss Prevention Solutions

Envysion's managed video loss prevention solutions are expertly crafted by professionals with decades of experience addressing loss prevention and operational challenges in restaurants, convenience stores, retail, and small businesses.

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Loss Prevention Solutions:
Multiple Locations?
No Problem!

Our managed video solutions are designed specifically by individuals with years of experience managing multiple locations. Monitor all of your video, audio, and transactional data from one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Envysion's Experience-Based Insights You Can Rely On

At Envysion, our team consists of industry professionals with decades of expertise in risk management for restaurant franchises, convenience stores, and retail establishments. Their unique insights have allowed us to craft solutions that integrate seamlessly into your workflow and monitor operations around the clock so you don’t have to.

Managed Video Surveillance

Take traditional video surveillance to the next level with software, comprehensive support services, and expansive data integrations.

Asset Protection

Whether it’s data security, workplace safety, or shrinkage, our team of experts intimately understands the risk areas associated with your business assets and has crafted innovative solutions to protect them.

Business Intelligence

It can be difficult to conduct loss investigations or make management decisions with limited data. That’s why we’ve partnered with leading BI reporting providers to make verifying incidents easier than ever before. It’s the perfect marriage of data, verified by video.

Video Recording Systems

Our state of the art video recording systems are powered by industry-leading, affordable technology with video recording device partner HikVision.

Risk Management

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to find new ways to minimize risk from fraudulent insurance claims, false security alarms, customer attrition and more.

Restaurant IT Systems

From initial onboarding to day-to-day use, we work hand-in-hand with our customers to guarantee an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Loss Prevention

Our loss prevention team consists of industry professionals with decades of experience preventing loss among chain store operations. Their first-hand experience is woven into every feature we design, every program we offer, and every word we speak to our customers.

Video Analytics

From motion detection to traffic counting, our innovative team of video analytics experts continually push the envelope, offering creative solutions that solve your unique business challenges.

Customer Success

Take traditional video surveillance to the next level with software, comprehensive support services, and expansive data integrations.

Anytime, anywhere video access with the Envysion Mobile App

Watch live or recorded video, create and save video clips and snapshots, review your flagged incidents, and more all on the go with our cloud-based mobile app.

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