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The Future of Business Operations: Envysion's AI security Technology

Envysion's AI Security Systems: Products & Solutions

From reducing loss and improving safety to boosting operational excellence, our AI security solutions help you stay ahead of the game. Explore our latest innovations and transform the way you run your business with Envysion.
Refund without customer present using ai security

Refund Transactions Without Customers Present

With our advanced person-detection AI technology, Envysion users can now detect potential fraud by verifying if customers are physically present during refund transactions. These new AI tools elevate your investigative capabilities, saving time in identifying internal theft and loss.

Drive-Thru Journey Tracker

Enhance AI security and drive-thru efficiency with Envysion’s AI-powered vehicle timers. Traditional sensors capture only a fraction of the drive-thru experience. With Envysion’s technology, track the entire journey—from menu board approach to order receipt, improving speed of service and customer satisfaction.

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Security camera in a restaurant

Camera Tamper Detection

Envysion’s video services are crucial for various aspects of your business, including loss prevention, HR, legal matters, operations, and security. Our camera tamper detection feature automatically identifies any alterations in camera views and promptly reports them. This ensures uninterrupted access to AI data, business metrics, and crucial investigations reliant on your video footage.

Hazard Alerts with Halo Sensors

Envysion’s portfolio of health and safety solutions now includes the Halo line of smart sensors, using AI security systems, from IPVideo, thanks to Motorola Solutions’ latest acquisition. These sensors can detect various unsafe working conditions, such as high temperatures and carbon monoxide levels, to loud noises signaling aggressive behavior or gunshots fired in real-time. With immediate alerting capabilities, our Halo integration aims to safeguard your most valuable asset: your team.

3 cars in the drive-thru line

Peak Performance Staff Monitoring

Optimizing your team’s performance during busy periods begins with accurate metrics. Envysion’s people counting feature enables you to track customer and employee numbers over time. Identify optimal staff deployment times based on customer volume to enhance service efficiency.

Smart Site Protection™

Smart Site Protection™ is a cutting-edge video alarm management service. This AI-powered system swiftly identifies and confirms theft or irregular nightly activity, ensuring prompt detection, verification, and response to potential threats. By reducing false alarms and missed emergencies, Smart Site ProtectionTM provides peace of mind, keeping you informed during non-operational hours.

AI Security - Smart Site Protection