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“Envysion has become a vital part of my everyday routine. The simplicity of the system and the scope it covers has made my job much more efficient. The value Envysion brings to my
business is unparalleled! I would recommend Envysion for anyone who wants to free up time,
make more money, and see their business grow.”

A Culture of Innovation

More than 10 years ago, video recording solutions were rapidly evolving and we emerged into the space eager to grow alongside new technology and provide cutting-edge integrations and solutions for our clients. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve grown from tweaking NVR boxes to crafting innovative, cloud-based managed video solutions.

Innovation and

Customer Satisfaction

As a startup company, Envysion established a practice of working hand in hand with restaurant brands like Chipotle, KFC, and Burger King to craft innovative loss prevention software solutions. We continue to evolve our managed video solutions as customer needs and technologies change in order to deliver the greatest value possible.

We believe the most effective solutions fit into YOUR workflow–not the other way around. So, we regularly collaborate with the leading providers of video surveillance hardware, POS systems, and cloud-based technologies to craft innovative solutions that maximize productivity and convenience. Our company has even acquired technology companies to ensure our clients have access to the industry’s best solution.

Video Solutions Reimagined

We have transformed video surveillance into a strategic operational management tool by integrating video, audio, and transactional data from POS systems. Our managed video solution provides access to live and recorded video across multiple locations and camera views, streamlines loss prevention investigations, and facilitates convenient operational audits— all via one robust platform. Click on the button below to learn more about Envysion’s unique managed video solutions.

Colorado Front Range Company Culture

Based in the foothills of Denver, Colorado, our office size has grown exponentially over the past decade. Our humble, garage-grown tech startup now employs more than 200 individuals. While some might say we’ve outgrown our startup status, we are still fueled by the same passion, curiosity, and desire to innovate. Our Colorado Front Range office provides a creatively stimulating environment for our employees where we can collaborate to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.

Fast Facts

  • Leader in the fast-growing QSR and Retail managed video and loss prevention business
  • Doubled our customer base in last three years, protecting more than 17,000 store locations and 145,000 cameras every day
  • Constantly innovating and improving our solution
  • Acquired LightHaus in 2014 and Next Wave (TheftSpot) in 2016 to enhance our solution
  • Backed by Parthenon Capital Partners and Capital One


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