About Us

About Envysion

We didn’t become the leader in managed video and loss prevention overnight. We’ve spent years developing, testing and refining our solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Envysion is on a mission to make protecting your business easier than ever.

We have transformed video surveillance into a strategic operational management tool by integrating video, audio, and transactional data from POS systems. Our managed video solution provides access to live and recorded video across multiple locations and camera views, streamlines loss prevention investigations, and facilitates convenient operational audits— all via one robust platform.

Values We Live By


Collaboration with our partners

Our software is only possible through our relationships with our partners. We strive to bring together our solutions for a more robust and all serving collaboration for our customers.


Passion for results

In industries with small margins, we know business leaders need to see real results from their solutions. We make it our mission to make it clear from the start the ROI you are receiving and how it is serving your bottom line.


Constantly improving

We are fueled by a shared level of curiosity and passion to continually innovate. We love solving problems together and believe in a culture rooted in communication, collaboration, growth, and mobility.


Looking To Join Our Team?

Based in the foothills of Denver, Colorado, our passionate team is dedicated to delighting our customers with innovative, next-level solutions. Our humble, garage-grown tech startup has grown significantly over the past decade and now has the honor of partnering with Motorola Soultions to better serve our community.