Envysion Dashboard: Key Insights for Business Security


Envysion Dashboard: Key Insights for Business Security

View a complete set of your business’ daily key highlights from your phone or desktop on the Envysion Dashboard.

Keep an eye on high-priority sales and high-risk transactions, check that security camera systems are working properly, and optimize the efficiency, safety, and security of your sites.

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Envysion Dashboard Overview for Better Business Operations

Our comprehensive dashboard spans across four key sections:
System Health Status, Smart Site Protection™ Alarm Reporting, Risk Snapshot, and Sales Insights - giving you deeper insights into your business operations.

Mobile Dashboard

On-the-Go Viewing:
Mobile App for the Envysion Dashboard

Designed for iOS and Android users, the Envysion Mobile Insights Dashboard offers an easy-to-use interface and simplified navigation for accessing important information on the go. Stay connected to your business and access key insights with supporting video from anywhere, anytime with ease.

System Health Status

Keep a pulse on the health status of your systems in real-time. Identify any offline cameras or appliances within the past 24 hours, enabling you to take prompt action to ensure uninterrupted operations.

For Cloud Archive subscribers, gain confidence knowing you can detect any issues with cameras sending information to the cloud for long-term storage.

System Health Dashboard
Smart site protection dashboard

Smart Site Protection™ Alarm Reporting

Powered by intelligent AI technology, this dashboard reports on the categorization of your alarms, occurrences of police dispatches, and the frequency of your employees staying past the scheduled closing time.

Risk Snapshot

A powerful tool that examines transaction data to pinpoint potential areas of concern like high-risk transactions, employees, and locations. Designed to save you time, Risk Snapshot offers user-friendly transaction data alongside corresponding videos for quick investigation.

risk snapshot dashboard
sales insights dashboard

Sales Insights

Improve your profits and drive business growth with valuable data. See key metrics and performance indicators to know where your money is going per location and employee.

The Envysion Dashboard reports provide insights into refunds, deleted items, or discount dollars as a percentage of sales. Dive deeper by location or employee to view transactions alongside video footage for informed decision-making.

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