Convenience Store

Use Video to Mitigate Risk & Protect Your Assets

Convenience Store Solution Suite

Convenience store owners and operators need visibility into their stores to monitor activities and mitigate business risk, but no one has time to watch hours of surveillance footage or sift through stacks of transaction reports. Save time and increase effectiveness with Envysion.


Protect Your Business With The Leaders In Loss Prevention

We combine your store video, audio, and POS transaction data with our powerfully intuitive cloud-based Managed Video Solution, giving you actionable information to protect and grow your business.

How It Works

The Components Of Our Solution


We integrate your in-store video with your POS transaction data


Your recorded in-store video is married with your POS data


Each transaction is analyzed via exception reports to identify suspicious trends


Suspicious trends are reviewed to verify incidents and build a case for your team


Actionable information is delivered directly to your inbox so you can take action quickly

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Staff Development

Create A Culture Of Accountability

Access live and recorded video from multiple camera views and locations. Features like Motion Search and Advanced Filtering make it simple to proactively monitor employee performance, customer behaviors, and operational efficiency.
Use Video To

Prevent Theft & Fraud

Envysion’s C-Store Solution Suite provides a cloud-based platform for capturing and monitoring video across all of your locations simultaneously. Directly integrated with your POS system, our monitoring software makes it easier to review video footage alongside transaction data, and prevent loss and theft on both sides of the counter.
Envysion Platform
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We've got your back

Gain Peace Of Mind

Rest assured knowing that your stores are being protected with Enysion’s expert-designed audit programs. Whether it’s employee theft and fraud, shrinkage, or areas to improve operational performance, Envysion gives you the insights you need to protect your business and your bottom line.

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