Incident Management

closed-loop case management

Incident Management: All-In-One Tool

Incident Management allows you to do more than save video clips. It provides the ability to flag theft, loss, or operational issues and drive accountability in your business.

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Review Video and Details in Minutes

Easily check incidents status across your organization, by location, or by employee within minutes.

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Documentation at Your Fingertips

Arrive at firm conclusions and take decisive action with irrefutable video evidence.

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Learn From Past Mistakes

Monitor resolution trends by employee or location to reveal positive outcomes.

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Create a Culture of Honesty and Accountability with Incident Management

Incident Management is a platform to organize video footage alongside POS data with context, including details about:
- The situation shown in video clip
- The behavior observed
- Case ownership
- The necessary corrective action to be taken

Incident Management drives management engagement and tracks open issues and paths to resolution.

Identify and Manage Trends

Use Your Incidents Toward Future Business Development

Whether triggered by anomalies in your data or observations surfaced in video, Incident Management can help you identify and manage trends.

Food Safety & Quality Compliance Issues

Improve your customer experience by addressing food quality issues.

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Cash Handling Policy Violations

Proper cash handling lowers the opportunity for internal theft.

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Food Preparation Violations

Achieve sustainable food cost reduction and deter theft over the long-term.

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Workplace Safety & Security Violations

Identifying and addressing safety violations helps to keep the number of incidents down.

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Anytime, anywhere video access with the Envysion Mobile App

Watch live or recorded video, create and save video clips and snapshots, review your flagged incidents, and more all on the go with our cloud-based mobile app.

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