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Security Camera Systems

When it comes to protecting your restaurants and employees, you need a video solution that is secure, accessible, reliable, and easy to use. Whether you need new equipment or would like reuse your own, Envysion’s intuitive Managed Video Solutions are compatible with the industry’s most advanced security camera hardware and video recording technology.

Cloud-Based Video

Surveillance Technology

The loss prevention and video surveillance experts at Envysion will help you decide exactly what security hardware you require. Update your current video surveillance system or work with our trained professionals for a new build out. Your new video security cameras will integrate seamlessly with Envysion’s cloud-based video management application, making all of your video and audio data instantly available online for quick and easy access to surveillance video from each of your restaurant or retail establishments.

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Powerful, Intuitive Managed Video

High Definition Flexibility

Connect to HD analog, IP, and analog security cameras. Choose from HD Analog to minimize overall system cost and simplify installation or IP cameras to capture the highest resolution video and offer the most advanced video analytics functionality.

Anywhere, Anytime Video Access

Watch live and recorded video logged in on location, offline, or on the go with your mobile device. Access to your security camera system is always just a click or tap away. Save clips to the cloud for long-term storage or sharing.

Updates and Tech Support

Rest easy knowing that your video surveillance solution is constantly being cared for by the professionals at Envysion. Our remote software lifecycle support keeps your cameras constantly updated for maximum uptime and security of your hardware.

Layers of Security Protecting Your Recorded Video

Integrated surveillance solutions you can trust

High Definition Video Recording

Camera Options

Every establishment has different needs from their security cameras. Lighting, building architecture, and existing technology can all affect what security camera system is right for your business. Envysion’s managed video solutions are compatible with SD Analog, HD Analog, and IP Cameras so you can choose the security camera hardware that is right for you.

SD Analog Cameras
  • Standard definition video (640×480)
  • Video delivered over coaxial cabling
    • Direct connection to DVR
  • Power delivered over separate power cable run in parallel
HD Analog Cameras
  • High definition video (720p, 1080p)
    • 2MP available, 3-4MP on the horizon
  • Video delivered over coaxial cabling
    • Direct connection to DVR
  • Power delivered over separate power cable run in parallel
IP Cameras
  • High definition video (720p, 1080p)
  • Video delivered over Cat5E cabling
    • Networked with DVR via PoE Switch
  • Power-over-Ethernet means the same cabling also delivers power

Choose the High Definition

that Works for You

  • HD Analog provides high-quality video with lower system costs and simpler installation
  • IP Cameras capture the highest resolution video, provide network flexibility, and support advanced video analytics functionality

Curious which camera system is the best fit for you?

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Save up to 32% on upfront installation costs

Have standard definition analog cameras in your stores already?  Save up to 32% on upfront installation costs when you choose HD analog cameras by reusing existing analog cabling.