MultiSight Merging with Envysion

We’re excited to announce that MultiSight is merging with Envysion. This merger brings together two industry-leading video solutions providers to offer customers a more comprehensive range of video and data analytics solutions. The combined expertise and resources of these two companies will enable us to provide our customers with enhanced capabilities and increased value. We look forward to serving our customers better than ever before as a result of this exciting merger.

MultiSight is a Video as a Service company that leverages the power of video to deliver operational efficiency for multi-location retailers and businesses.

MultiSight’s merger will bring some exciting new features to Envysion’s robust platform like a Shopify POS Integration, People Counting reports and Heatmaps. Providing priceless insights into customer behaviors within stores to drive sales.

Welcome valued MultiSight customers to Envysion, a more robust platform for your needs.