Monitor all your Locations On the Go

Envysion App for Mobile

Access your security camera systems anytime, anywhere with the Envysion app. Monitor performance across all of your locations, review video footage, manage incidents, and more on the go.

Security At your fingertips

Stay Connected on the go with the Envysion Mobile App

You can’t be in each of your stores all of the time to oversee day-to-day operations—but with Envysion you can. Our mobile application allows you to effortlessly view live & recorded video from each of your stores or review any of your loss incidents. Access surveillance video, audio, and incidents for multiple restaurant or retail locations from one convenient mobile dashboard to save time and increase your effectiveness as a manager.

Streamline Surveillance with Envysion's Mobile App

Experience Remote Visibility

Say goodbye to hours of sorting through footage on-site with a clunky DVR box. Stream live and recorded video from multiple locations on one mobile device with our cloud-based surveillance technology. View up to 8 cameras at once and flag and share footage using Envysion’s mobile app.

Envysion Mobile App
Envysion Mobile App
Remote Surveillance with Envysion's Mobile App

Drill Down and Investigate Suspicious Activity Remotely

Need to quickly investigate a suspicious interaction? Use Enysion’s video surveillance mobile app to look up recorded video captured during a specific day, time, and location. Address customer complaints, protect your brand image, and identify potential fraudulent transactions.

Streamline Operations and Reduce Loss

Make Your Life Easier with Managed Video Solution and the Envysion App

Envysion’s Managed Video Solution helps boost operational efficiency and minimize loss by providing vital insights to your management team. Easily capture screenshots or save video clips from any camera for sharing and action. With Envysion’s mobile app, identify critical interactions needing attention and save relevant clips and snapshots.

Envysion Mobile App
Mockup of the Envysion App
Just A Tap Away

Manage Loss Prevention Incidents From Your Phone

As an Envysion audit program subscriber, access verified loss incidents directly from the Envysion app. Review associated video and transaction data to resolve incidents on the go. Share reports and footage with your management team using the loss prevention mobile app.

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