System Health

Detect. Verify. Resolve.

System Health

Envysion’s System Health dashboard offers a simple and hassle-free way of displaying that your cameras, DVR and POS integrations are operating at peak performance.

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Application Health Status

Recognize if your DVR is offline or impaired.

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POS Status

Access the POS data to check if data sync is lagging or disrupted.

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Camera Status

View if one or more cameras are offline. Identify which cameras are offline by name and description.

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Easy Search

Search all active sites by site name or MAC address.

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Upload Speed

Evaluate the DVR upload speed to assess if the speed is poor or offline. Plus, understand the average upload speed for the past seven days.

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Optimize System Uptime

Don’t be caught off guard when your camera isn’t working. System Health offers a singular view of the health of your critical video and LP infrastructure. Detect, verify and respond quickly to offline cameras, point of sale, and EnVR’s relieving any unnecessary downtime. Empower your System Administrator with notifications for greater visibility to offline devices and to reduce the number of calls made to support teams or emergency tech services.

Drill Down on Offline Hardware

The System Health feature provides a comprehensive roster of all operational sites in an organization, allowing you to check for any offline cameras, point-of-sale systems, and DVR’s.

- Pinpoint the exact site
- Drill down into the specific malfunctioning device
- Troubleshoot within the app to address issues

This user-friendly feature is hassle-free for you and our Technical Support team is always available to assist.

System Health Dashboard

Hassle Free Support

Accessibility is a top priority. We have multiple ways for you to reach our Technical Support team. Within the application, you can communicate via chat, submit a Report a Problem form, or give us a call. Our team can help you in diagnosing the problem or deciding whether you require a technician dispatched to your location.

System Health

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