Restaurant Performance Audits


Restaurant Performance Audits

Deep-dive audits identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency and prevent future theft and loss with integrated video monitoring and business intelligence data.


Improve Performance In Targeted Restaurants

Envysion Restaurant Performance Audits are expertly designed to systematically weed out the loss sources in your underperforming restaurants to help you improve operations and profitability.

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Thoroughly Investigate Restaurants of Concern

Our team of certified expert auditors conducts a holistic review in a focused subset of your restaurants to identify theft, loss, and operational issues that are diminishing your profits.

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Ensure Accountability & Return On Investment

Track the lifecycle of incidents from creation through closure to ensure proper resolution and secure your return on investment.

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Improve Performance Over The Long-Term

We’re not just catching a single event. We’re changing the likelihood of future theft and loss by addressing contributing behaviors head-on.

Improve Performance In Targeted Restaurants

Pinpoint issues in your underperforming restaurants to help you improve operations and increase profitability.

Transform struggling restaurants into top performers by leveraging our analyses of theft, loss, and operational issues.

Comprehensively review your restaurants to identify theft, loss, and operational issues that are impacting your profits.

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Protect Your People And Your Profits

Operational issues often lead to theft. Our Restaurant Performance Audits don’t just look at theft—we also monitor operational issues such as employees neglecting uniform and safety protocols. When small problems like this go unnoticed it contributes to an overall decline in operational efficiency.

When employees become more lenient with rules, your company becomes vulnerable to potential loss and theft. Don’t just react to loss, prevent it with Envysion’s comprehensive Restaurant Performance Audits.

Theft & Loss
Operational Issues

Maximize ROI with Incident Management

Envysion’s intuitive Incident Management resolution workflow makes it easy to quickly review the status of verified incidents and monitor trends by location and employee.

  • Review the status of flagged incidents across your entire organization, by location, or by employee in mere minutes.
  • Arrive at firm conclusions and take decisive action with irrefutable video evidence.
  • Monitor resolution trends by employee or location to reveal suspicious behavior patterns.
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Anytime, anywhere video access with the Envysion Mobile App

Watch live or recorded video, create and save video clips and snapshots, review your flagged incidents, and more all on the go with our cloud-based mobile app.

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Restaurant Performance Audits

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