Drive-Thru Insights Report

Maximize sales with actionable insights

Drive-Thru System Report

The Drive-Thru Report delivers actionable insights to improve your drive-thru performance and customer experience by leveraging drive-thru timer system data within Envysion’s cloud-based video management software.

Featuring multi-camera playback of each vehicle journey and the associated transaction data, the report enables quick-service and fast-casual restaurants to easily identify bottlenecks in the vehicle flow, detect potential internal theft, and ultimately maximize drive-thru sales.

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Quick and Easy Search

The tabular and sortable report makes it easy to identify restaurants that struggle to keep up with the speed of service expectations.

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POS Transaction Matching

Gain insights into the cause of bottlenecks or potential internal theft by isolating vehicles that are not linked to transaction data.

Multi-Camera Playback

See at a glance what is happening across the restaurant to more effectively diagnose operational issues or determine if any theft has occurred.

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Drive-Thru Envysion Report

Tailor Your Report with Customizable Filters

The advanced filtering tool enables you to sort through drive-thru timing system data with ease and drill down on vehicles that have caused challenges for the team. Save your preferences to quickly revisit the data most pertinent to you and surface the at-risk moments in the drive-thru.

Review Video Footage and Transaction Data Side by Side

The simultaneous display of video footage and associated transaction data gives you the full picture of a vehicle journey. The multi-camera playback provides insights into what is happening inside and outside the restaurant as guest vehicles arrive. By detailing the content of the order, the transaction data offer an additional level of understanding of the cause of bottlenecks.

Drive-Thru Report
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Get Ahead of Your Day with Daily Notifications

Receive your reports directly in your inbox for quick insights about your drive-thru performance and potential risk to prioritize your day. You can view the report and video footage from your desk or on the go via any mobile device for a more in-depth investigation.

Turn Video Evidence into Action

The Drive-Thru Insights Report was designed with team collaboration in mind. All video clips can be easily saved, downloaded and shared between management, loss prevention or training teams to create a conversation and steps for improvement.

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