August 8, 2023

Boosting Convenience Store Security with Managed Video and Your Cameras

For convenience store (c-store) owners and operators, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your stores is vital. However, monitoring activities and mitigating business risks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Hours of convenience store security footage from CCTV cameras and stacks of transaction reports are challenging to manage and take you away from other critical aspects of running a successful business. But what if there was a solution that could save you time, increase efficiency, and boost profits? The answer: a managed video solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing c-store security cameras and point-of-sale (POS) data.

Let’s walk through a convenience store and see how your existing cameras integrated with managed video software add value to your locations:

Efficient Chargeback Resolution

In today’s world of electronic payments, it’s important for convenience store operators to pay close attention to chargebacks because they have a direct impact on the bottom line. These financial disputes can diminish profits and disrupt the smooth operation of businesses, making it imperative for operators to proactively address and mitigate chargeback risks.

“In a business that is not afforded the comfort of huge profit margins, we need to make sure we are not giving away free money,” said Caleb Burke, payment card operations manager for CITGO Petroleum. (NACS)

A managed video solution is an effective tool to use when dealing with chargebacks. For instance, a gas station had a $305.68 chargeback relating to a transaction that took place at the gasoline pump. When the operator was made aware of this chargeback, the operator used their integrated managed video software to seamlessly jump back to that specific day and time to visually see what happened at the exact pump. With transaction receipt information side-by-side with video footage, the operator was able to mitigate the chargeback by confirming that the customer did in fact receive the gas that was paid for.


Overnight Transactions and Front Door Activity 

Managed video software paired with your existing convenience store security cameras can give you more insight into customer traffic, especially overnight. Dive deeper into days with far fewer transactions to uncover any irregularities requiring further investigation.

In this use case, an operator noticed significantly fewer transactions every Wednesday from 10 pm – 5 am compared to any other day of the week within that same time frame. As the Wednesday overnight activity became a pattern, the operator used the managed video solution’s feature, Motion Search, to select areas of the front door so he could get an exact report of the times when customers walked through the front door. 

He discovered that the normal amount of customers were entering the convenience store, which led the operator into a deeper investigation of what was happening at the cash register due to the reduction of transactions. Leveraging this data, the operator identified precise areas of concern and discovered that the employee responsible for guarding the cash register frequently lingered in the backroom, leaving customers unattended during checkout.


Exception Reports for Proactive Monitoring

Gone are the days of sifting through endless data to spot potential issues. With a managed video solution, the operator has access to built-in filters to develop a detailed report which identifies irregularities and suspicious activities. Then, with a simple click, the video footage and transaction receipts appear side-by-side. It becomes that much easier to spot voided transactions, discount abuse, refunds, and dishonest cash handling

In this scenario, a convenience store manager ran a void report and cross-referenced it with the corresponding video footage for all voided transactions. Upon reviewing the video of one such voided transaction, the manager observed that the customer’s soda and bag of chips were scanned by the employee at the register but then saw the employee void out the two items. The manager then observed on the video that the customer handed cash to the employee, who then deceptively pocketed the money instead of registering it.

Armed with concrete evidence of internal theft, the store manager had a complete understanding of the incident and took decisive action to address the issue and implement a solution.


Protection for Future Litigation

Managed video integrated with your c-store security cameras serves as an extra layer of protection for accidents, months or even years after the original event. A comprehensive managed video solution should have a cloud-based video storage feature, allowing footage to be stored for a set period of time, covering your state’s statute of limitations if a lawsuit should ever arise. 

For example, a customer slipped and fell near the soda fountain at a convenience store. Eight months later, the customer decided to sue the c-store and claimed there was no signage indicating the floor was wet. Because the c-store operator had stored video footage from that specific day and time in the cloud, he easily pulled that footage and had visual evidence of there being a wet floor sign present. The footage alone saved the convenience store thousands of dollars in fees. 


Easily Share Clips Externally

With a managed video solution, you can easily save and share clips with external personnel, like law enforcement, if suspicious or unwanted activity is occurring. Whether issues arise like shoplifting, altercations, vandalism, or more, integrating a managed video solution with the ability to share clips will keep you, your team, and your business safe.

For example, a c-store owner noticed graffiti on the backside of the building. The owner quickly reviewed the footage from the night before and contacted the police. Within minutes, the owner downloaded and emailed the clip of the vandalism occurring. From there, the police were able to get the useful information they needed: video footage of the person, the time and date of the incident, and the full picture of what happened.


Extra Oversight for C-Store Car Wash Operations

Additionally, using your convenience store security cameras and a managed video solution is a great tool to keep a close eye on areas that might be left unattended for various reasons. Convenience stores with car washes require a watchful eye to make sure everything is operating properly, customers are filtering through to make sure no unwanted activity is occurring.


Tailored Audits to Fit Your C-Store’s Needs

Ensuring that your convenience store employees are following safety procedures, and cleanliness standards while offering great customer service are top priority. Managed video solutions, paired with expert auditors, offer a comprehensive perspective that goes beyond small snapshots. Envysion’s Audit Programs specialize in examining your store through your existing convenience store security cameras to concentrate on key matters such as:

  • Cleanliness and Safety: Maintain clean surfaces to ensure food safety and prevent accidents.
  • Employee Conduct: Monitor adherence to safety rules, hygiene, and professional behavior.
  • Opening and Closing: Verify operating hours, cleanliness, and proper procedures.
  • Office Area: Prevent violations, secure cash handling, and maintain proper conduct.
  • Uniform Compliance: Ensure employees wear proper attire for hygiene and professionalism.


Embrace the Power of Envysion for Your Convenience Stores

In conclusion, using your existing convenience store security cameras and a managed video software like Envysion’s Managed Video Solution for Convenience Stores, integrated with POS data, is a game-changer. By streamlining your loss prevention efforts, fostering accountability, and providing actionable insights, a managed video solution gives you the power to protect and grow your c-store with confidence. 

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