December 6, 2023

Convenience Store Holiday Prep: Prevent Theft During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of celebration, generosity, and, unfortunately, an increase in convenience store (c-store) theft. As the festive spirit fills the air, convenience stores experience a surge in customers and foot traffic. It’s essential for c-store owners and operators to stay alert and prevent convenience store theft. Let’s explore our top effective strategies to safeguard your convenience store during the holidays, share some valuable holiday preparation tips, and ensure a secure experience for your customers.

Convenience Store Holiday Preparation for Theft Prevention

1. Increase in Beer/Liquor Theft During the Holiday Season

Based on research done by the Loss Prevention Research Council, alcohol ranks among the most frequently targeted items by thieves in convenience stores during the holiday season.

Because the holiday season often witnesses an increase in beer and liquor theft, it’s essential to ensure your c-store is prepared to handle this heightened risk of theft.


  • Retrain your team on age verification procedures to prevent underage alcohol sales.
  • Pay special attention to the security of your liquor section by using locked display cases or electronic anti-theft devices.
  • Train your staff to be extra vigilant in the liquor section, as it can be a target for theft.
  • Have a security camera pointed at the door where the beer is stocked or even inside the cooler to prevent beer walking out the back door.


2. Safeguarding Your C-Store from Lottery Ticket Theft During the Holidays

Holiday-themed scratch-off lottery tickets are popular during this season, making them a potential target for theft. Lottery ticket sales are an important revenue stream for convenience stores. t’s crucial to handle these tickets with care and prevent any theft-related incidents.


  • Ensure that lottery ticket displays are well-secured to prevent theft.
  • Use security cameras to monitor the lottery ticket area and deter potential thieves.
  • Remind employees that all lottery ticket redemptions should be scanned and checked for winners at the POS with a customer present.
  • Implement procedures to track and verify lottery ticket inventory to prevent internal theft.
  • Be aware of suspicious activity such as purchasing large quantities of tickets. 


3. Managing the Increase of Travelers During the Holidays

During the holidays, convenience stores become essential stops for travelers in need of snacks, drinks, and other supplies for their journeys. Ensuring the safety and security of your store is crucial during this time to prevent theft and provide a secure environment for customers.


  • Increase the presence of employees during high-traffic times, such as mornings or evenings to deter potential thieves.
  • Place security cameras strategically to monitor customer activity, both inside and outside your location.
  • Train your staff to be vigilant and identify suspicious behavior in the store.
  • Keep high-value items locked up, such as electronics and cigarettes.


4. Holiday Season Parking Lot Safety and Security for Convenience Stores

Parking lots can present unique challenges during the holiday season, with icy conditions and increased foot traffic. Ensuring the safety of your customers and protecting your store from potential theft is crucial.


  • Increase lighting in the parking lot to improve visibility.
  • Provide safe walking paths and regularly monitor the area with security cameras.
  • Consider implementing emergency call boxes or panic buttons in the parking lot for customer security.


5. Improving Safety to Prevent Slip and Falls During the Holiday Season

Icy and wet conditions, plus high-traffic beverage stations can lead to slippery floors during the holiday season, potentially resulting in accidents. It’s essential to implement safety measures to prevent slip and fall incidents and maintain a secure shopping environment.


  • Conduct regular safety audits of your store to identify wet floor areas, and ensure that visible wet floor signs are placed in such areas to alert customers.
  • Train your staff to promptly clean up spills and address wet floor areas to minimize the risk of accidents.
  • Consider using slip-resistant mats in entryways and high-risk areas to provide additional traction and prevent slipping.
  • Maintain proper lighting in areas prone to wet conditions to improve visibility and reduce the likelihood of accidents.


6. Securing Cash Assets During the Holiday Season

Proper cash handling during the holidays is essential to prevent theft in convenience stores. Ensuring that your employees follow strict safe drop protocols can significantly minimize the risk of theft and enhance overall security.


  • Limit the amount of cash kept on the premises and implement regular safe drops.
  • Train your employees on safe drop procedures to ensure the security of cash during the holiday season.
  • Consider using secure cash handling technologies like smart safes or cash recycling systems to further enhance cash security.
  • Implement a protocol for managers to walk cashiers back to the safe drop to count down the drawer in a space monitored by a camera.


7. Leveraging Loss Prevention Technology and Heatmaps to Prevent Convenience Store Theft 

Investing in loss prevention technology is crucial for minimizing theft incidents during the holiday season. This includes the strategic use of security cameras and managed video solutions. Surveillance cameras placed throughout your convenience store can act as a strong deterrent to potential thieves and provide valuable evidence in case of incidents. 

Additionally, during your holiday preparation, consider incorporating heatmaps into your security strategy. These heatmaps offer a visual representation of where customers spend the most time, identifying high-traffic areas that can be strategically optimized for product placement, store layout adjustments, and efficient queue management. This proactive approach not only deters theft but also enhances the overall shopping experience, making the holiday season both secure and profitable.


  • Identifying high-traffic areas
  • Tracking customer traffic and flow
  • Optimizing convenience store layout 
  • Strategically positioning product placement 

heatmaps on dashboard











8. Use External Audits for Added Security

Consider using an external team of certified auditors as an additional layer of security in your loss prevention strategy. Audit programs can act as an extra set of eyes, reviewing safety, cleanliness, and customer service at your convenience store to ensure a great customer experience throughout the holiday season. Incorporate audit feedback into your convenience store holiday preparation and address any problem areas.


  • Schedule periodic external audits throughout the holiday season
  • Incorporate audit feedback into your loss prevention strategies
  • Address any vulnerabilities identified by external audits promptly.


The holiday season should be a time of celebration and goodwill. By implementing these strategies as part of your convenience store holiday preparation, you can prevent c-store theft, maintain a secure environment, and ensure a positive experience for your customers. This includes addressing specific concerns such as beer and liquor theft, protecting high-value lottery tickets, managing increased traveler traffic, enhancing parking lot safety, and preventing slip-and-fall incidents. These measures, along with others, will help safeguard your convenience store during the holiday season, allowing you to continue spreading joy and happiness throughout this festive season.

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