April 23, 2020

Evolving Together

These past six weeks have presented incredible challenges to Envysion and its restaurant and retail customers. We are facing these struggles together with you, learning from one another, and finding new ways to move forward. As someone whose role at Envysion is to look for creative ways to provide new value to our customer base, this is an incredibly exciting time to be in a business development role. You, our clients, are driving innovation every day as you work to better serve your customers and it’s our responsibility as a technology solution provider to keep up with you. 

It’s hard not to be inspired by the resilience of our clients. Without years of planning or months of warning, quick service, fast casual and retail customers have had to completely reinvent their business models, reprioritize health and hygiene, and meet their customers changing needs in inventive new ways. No business is sitting back waiting for the storm to pass, hoping their customers remember them when we all re-emerge. Retailers and restaurateurs are demonstrating their agility, pivoting to meet customers in new ways, maintaining their relationships, and remaining part of their routine. 

We at Envysion are no different. So many of our customers rely on Envysion Managed Video as a safeguard for asset protection and risk management. But this pandemic has inspired us to accelerate the evolution of our software features, our professional services, and our customer care packages to turn video into a completely different tool than most clients have considered it before. We have leveraged virtual town halls and remote business reviews with our clients to help us put together new Operational Audit packages and prioritize feature development work that can help customers nearer term.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are realizing that managed video gives them eyes into all locations during this time of social distancing and isolation. They are using our search tools and reporting to make sure their new brand promises around the health and well-being of their guests are being delivered, while confirming that their investments in under-utilized locations are secure. We are collaborating with our clients more than ever to help them reduce risks and protect every dollar of revenue, and demonstrating why Envysion is more than a video vendor, but a true technology partner to our subscribers.

The work is far from over, the innovation far from complete. But this is why our clients invest and stay with Envysion. We’re committed to being a part of a long-term solution for our clients: critical service and infrastructure for businesses as they persevere through this pandemic and emerge with strength once it passes.

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