March 31, 2020

It’s All About The Team

Customer Support can be a tricky department to manage, and December 2019 was no exception. With a percentage of our customer base affected by a system outage, Mark’s team was put to the test with response rates shooting up from >1 min wait times to over an hour. Customers and support staff were understandably pushed to their limits. For weeks, the company pulled together with all hands on deck and the support team got all customers back online and then immediately pivoted into their plan for improvement. “Now we can turn the page and move forward” said Mark Maxwell.

With this new plan to clean up their working environment, it’s become easier to manage the workload and deliver the superior expert support we strive to provide. Here’s what the team put into place:

Support@envysion.com was disabled.
With more inbound requests coming in through the application, our team knows exactly who they’re speaking with, and can more quickly help you resolve your concern.

We merged the installation support team with CSC (Customer Service Center)
This allows us to offer expanded hours of coverage, with a larger staff, resulting in quicker response times.

We’re tracking metrics in three key areas, in order to maintain our high level of service.
Operations / How is the team performing?
Customer Facing / Where do we need to provide additional support?
Product / Which products are causing the most problems?

While the CSC department is thriving under his management, Mark remains indebted to his team, saying “They do the real work. They’ve really come together to get this done.” Envysion appreciates each and every one of our customers, and hopes that these new improvements help to better serve you. Mark believes that support can be a competitive differentiator, and we couldn’t agree more.

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