June 7, 2023

Pizza Restaurants: Save Your Dough with Envysion Managed Video Solution

As an experienced franchisee owner of a pizza restaurant, you know the importance of managing your business, staff, customers, and profits. But with the demands of running a restaurant, keeping a constant eye on everything can be challenging. This is where a managed video solution (MVS) comes in, providing a critical tool to protect your business. By integrating a MVS into your operations, you can utilize your existing security cameras to improve efficiency and minimize losses in your pizza shop. 


Serving Up Security with Managed Video Solutions for Pizza Restaurants

A managed video solution is an integrated software that offers a convenient and efficient means to access live or recorded video footage from your security cameras from anywhere. In other words, you’re given full visibility into monitored areas within your pizza shop from your mobile phone or any internet-connected device while you’re on the go. 

By taking advantage of the full potential of your security cameras, you can optimize your operations and not just rely on them for security purposes. With an innovative solution like this, you can ensure that your employees are:

  • Following proper hygiene protocols
  • Using correct portion sizes
  • Closely monitoring deliveries
  • Confirming the appropriate handling of cash drops and bank deposits

A managed video solution equips you with the necessary tools to detect and prevent losses and inefficiencies within your pizza restaurant.

Let’s take a virtual tour of a busy pizza restaurant and discover how a managed video solution can effectively safeguard your establishment from daily risks:


Vlad Zilber, Director of Operations at Boston Pie, Inc. says “Envysion’s EnVR offers unparalleled visibility into your operations, helping you make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement, like intelligent video analytics and remote monitoring capabilities. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, Envysion’s platform can help you protect your assets, optimize your workflows, and achieve your goals.” 


Slice through Pizza Restaurant Security Risks

It’s critical to ensure that your managed video solution includes a motion search feature, allowing you to pinpoint and hone in on specific incidents, such as:

motion search dashboard on laptop screen

  • Monitoring the office door to see when people are entering or exiting the office
  • Keeping track of the holding shelf to ensure timely pick-ups of pizza orders
  • Or even observing traffic and after-hours violations at the back door

Keeping proper records of violations contribute to organizational efficiency within your pizza restaurant, allowing you to save video clips and track conversations about violations over time. Documentation of these violations helps you make informed business decisions in the future, ultimately leading to improved operations and outcomes. Additionally, a tool like this can be used for:

  • Food safety and quality compliance issues
  • Pizza preparation violations
  • Cash handling violations
  • Workplace safety and security violations 


“Cameras are not only for securing the property itself; they’re also helpful in slip-and-fall situations and food handling disputes,” says Robert Kramer, senior system engineer at Panasonic System Communication Company. “In case of litigation, you can review what actually happened. It’s also common to tie in surveillance with POS data and play back transactions—so if you notice a lot of voids on a particular day, the manager can check why. Surveillance is also useful to reduce shrinkage and liability for an owner.” (PMQ.com)


Managed Video for Domino’s Pizza

Envysion is a Domino’s Pizza partner and an official 3rd party vendor, providing them with a comprehensive managed video solution. Through our partnership, Domino’s franchisees have the convenience of accessing all of their locations from anywhere, anytime with one single platform and login.

Additionally, Domino’s operators gain exclusive video access alongside the detailed reports generated by Wizardline Technologies Inc., Domino’s official reporting partner. The combination of Envysion’s video features and Wizardline’s insightful reports provide Domino’s operators with a powerful tool to monitor and enhance business operations. With Envysion as their managed video provider, Domino’s Pizza operators can take advantage of a user-friendly software that simplifies their loss prevention system. This partnership provides operators with the tools they need to efficiently monitor and optimize their operations, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.


A Saucy Solution for Security Video Footage

cloud archive dashboard

Having an option for a long-term cloud-based storage system is vital for any managed video solution. This feature enables all recorded video footage to be saved in the cloud, allowing you to access previously recorded footage for the duration that suits your needs.

As a pizza shop owner or operator, safeguarding your pizzeria against potential legal concerns like workers’ compensation claims, slip and fall incidents, or wrongful termination is critical. When selecting a managed video solution, it’s crucial to prioritize a cloud-based storage system that offers secure and convenient instant access to video footage. Additionally, opting for a long-term storage solution helps prevent unnecessary storage usage in your NVR. This approach safeguards your franchise against liability claims and other workplace events that may arise months or even years after the initial incident. Cloud-based storage systems, give you peace of mind, knowing that your valuable video data is safe and easily accessible when and if you need it. With the past never truly behind us, being proactive and utilizing a cloud-based managed video solution is an excellent way to safeguard your pizza restaurant.


Protect Your Pizza Pies with Envysion’s Managed Video Solution

As an experienced owner or operator of a successful pizza restaurant, you recognize the significance of consistent monitoring of several facets of your business, such as employees, customers, profits, and overall operations. However, due to time and resource constraints, it’s crucial to utilize a managed video solution to safeguard your restaurant effectively. With Envysion’s Managed Video Solution, you can optimize the utilization of your existing security cameras, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce losses, and receive dedicated support from a team of experts.


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