September 12, 2022

Improve Security Cameras in Restaurants and Convenience Stores: System Health

Your car is a powerful and smart machine that gets you from place to place. Your car can even alert you when you’re due for an oil change, when your tire pressure is low, when your battery is needing a charge, when your power steering system goes out, and more. Now, let’s think about your business. Imagine a user-friendly dashboard that detects issues with your security cameras in restaurants or convenience stores.

Let’s say there was an incident of cash theft and the video surveillance camera is out – for whatever reason. Offline cameras can be a result of tangled wire, or maybe the system was tampered with by an employee, or the DVR is not connecting correctly. Even the best or newest security cameras can have unplanned issues, causing them to go offline. Whatever the reason may be, the video is unavailable to visually verify the incident because there’s no recorded evidence.

With Envysion’s latest feature, System Health, your video management system can now become an even more powerful tool inside of your restaurants or convenience stores. System Health, integrated with your security camera system within your restaurant or convenience store, is capable of detecting technical issues and alerting your app as soon as these issues occur – saving you time and downtime costs. This means, System Health can help to mitigate any of these potential scenarios by providing detection and verification of offline devices.

Envysion’s System Health reporting is a simple and user-friendly way of confirming that your devices and integrations are working at peak performance. This new feature offers a singular view of the “health” of your critical video and loss prevention infrastructure. System Health helps you detect, verify, and respond quickly to offline cameras, disconnected point of sale systems, and DVR’s relieving any unnecessary downtime.

   Easy Search

The System Health feature offers a complete list of all active sites within an organization. Search sites by site name or MAC address.

Computer Alert Icon   Application Health Status

Real-time visibility to appliance status features offline or impaired at one or multiple sites. View additional information including the DVR name, MAC address, and a timestamp of when the appliance was last connected.

Camera Icon  Detect Offline Cameras

View if one (or more) of your security cameras in your restaurants or convenience stores are offline at an individual site. If more than three cameras are offline, users can navigate to the cameras page to investigate further using the “+ More” hyperlink at the bottom of the display. The expanded details list the first three offline cameras by name/description.

Clipboard and Clock Icon   Check POS Status

Access the POS data to check if the data sync is lagging or disrupted. Expanded details will display the last time POS data was synced.

Speedometer Icon    Upload Speed

View the DVR upload speed to assess if the speed is poor or offline. The display will also provide the average upload speed of the past seven days.

System Health’s advanced insights allow system administrators to quickly respond to device failures and resolve the problem before it progresses. Better yet, System Health guarantees visibility to multiple sites from one place. You take care of your car, ensure your business is taken care of as well.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Envysion’s managed security cameras in restaurants and convenience stores and System Health, talk to an expert today.

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