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Envysion delivers Potbelly owners and operators, like you, real-time insights into all your locations by syncing surveillance video and POS data – giving you your time back so you can focus on what matters.
Envysion's Managed Video Solution

Making Video Surveillance Review Simple

The ugly truth is, businesses are fraught with risk. Between theft, fraud, HR and legal issues, operational noncompliance, and poor customer experience, thousands of dollars are slipping from your bottom line each month. With Envysion’s secure, scalable, accessible and easy to use Managed Video Solution, you can rest assured that your business is protected.

Managed Video Solution

Trouble Getting the Full Picture?

Our Solution Suite includes a cloud-based Managed Video Solution that gives you visibility into your stores 24/7, whether it’s from your desk at the office or from your smartphone on the go. It’s quick, easy, and you will love the time you save. Use our Managed Video Solution to:

Video Intelligence Platform Devices
Cloud Archive

Do You Have An Insurance Policy For Your Video?

Whether you want peace of mind that your video is safe when disaster strikes, or the confidence that you still have the right video evidence to protect your business from a lawsuit, Envysion’s Cloud Archive is the answer.

Cloud archive on a computer
Incident Management

Do You Have Incidents Falling Through The Cracks?

The perfect store doesn’t happen on it’s own. With Incident Management you’ll have the tools to capture incidents, review with video, and track the issues in your business that affect your culture and profitability.

Envysion Incident Management Screens
Reports & Data Integration

Do You Want To Pair POS Data With Your Video?

Sifting through POS data from multiple locations can be exhausting and overwhelming. Envysion’s exception-based reporting tools give you actionable insights per location, employee, and transaction to help you monitor high-risk activities and mitigate loss.

POS Data and Surveillance Video
Audit Programs

Would Your Business Benefit From Discreet Continuous Feedback?

Envysion’s audit programs are hand-crafted and executed by seasoned experts to watch for health and safety concerns, identify theft, fraud, and operational incidents more efficiently than traditional methods by leveraging integrated video surveillance and transaction data. 

Audit Programs Dashboard
What POTBELLY Operators Are Saying
"At Potbelly, our first focus is always to our customers - treating them excellently and serving them tasty, high-quality Potbelly sandwiches, soups, shakes and more. Envysion helps us protect our profits so we can focus on our mission. With Envysion’s video solutions, we ensure accuracy, identify and manage aspects of fraud and keep a safe work environment. Our operators love Envysion’s solution for its accessibility and ease and I recommend it for its depth of capabilities and technological edge."
Joe Panozzo
Sr. Director, Loss Prevention & Risk Management

Protecting Your Business is Our Business

Envysion exists to help passionate business people enhance their customer experience, streamline operations, mitigate loss and increase profitability. 

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Get a full suite of loss prevention tools for you and your business.

Potbelly Special

Managed Video
With EnVR Purchase
$129$104Per Month
  • EnVR Purchase of $935 with 3 Year Warranty

  • Managed Video for 8 Cameras

  • Envysion Reports

  • Incident Management

  • Smart Site Protection

  • 7 Months of Cloud Archive

  • Envysion System Support 365 Days A Year

Potbelly Special

Managed Video
With EnVR Subscription
$160$128Per Month
  • EnVR Rental with a Lifetime Warranty

  • Managed Video for 8 Cameras

  • Envysion Reports

  • Incident Management

  • Smart Site Protection

  • 7 Months of Cloud Archive

  • Envysion System Support 365 Days A Year

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