Envysion takes the power of video and marries it with your business data, such as point-of-sale (POS) data, to create a whole new level of insight into your business. Envysion brings your data to life. Watch in high definition clarity as your daily sales, marketing, operations and loss prevention transactions play back in a synchronized concert of video, audio and data.

Exception Reporting and Alerting

Envysion Insight’s exception reports are a powerful video-driven business intelligence platform that deliver insight into daily operations, marketing efficacy, employee performance and loss prevention – across the entire organization. Envysion Insight users realize measurable return-on-investment and increases in profitability by double digits. Exceptions reports can provide roll-ups and summaries at multiple levels, such by store, employee, region or across the entire brand — each with the ultimate drill-down to video Game Film that completes the picture. Exception reports can be tailored to meet your specific business metrics. And, Envysion’s alerts can instantly notify operators and relevant users when a specific metric or exception is triggered.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Envysion Insight transforms hours of video footage into searchable, actionable information and eliminates tedious manual searching. Married with data, video becomes a strategic management tool to proactively identify opportunities for increased profit. Envysion eliminates tedious manual searching, enabling users to save time with video search by date/time, POS transaction data or specific motion. Searching by POS transaction provides the video Game Film married with both the event and sales receipt data played back in concert with the Game Film.

Flexible Data Integration

Designed to deliver the real-life story behind the numbers and drive operations and profit improvement, Envysion seamlessly integrates with leading point of sale, customer loyalty, time and attendance, and access control system providers to enhance the power of video. Envysion is integrated with over fifty leading POS and other data systems vendors, so you can begin watching your data immediately and across all of your locations.

Envysion Analytics

Envysion offers a product line of powerful video analytics that will reshape how you think about video-based business intelligence.

  • People Counting – uses an advanced video algorithm that delivers a deceptively simple but powerful answer to an age-old question: “How many customers entered my store and how many bought something?” The answers don’t end there. With marriage to your sales data, the breadth of questions People Counting can answer is significant, including promotional correlations, time of day patterns, staffing correlations, marketing efficacy and much more.  Envysion’s People Counting becomes an indispensable business tool across the organization including for sales conversion ratios, evaluating staffing needs, understanding traffic patterns, measuring marketing campaigns and overall store performance.
  • Line-Time – measure precisely how long it takes your customers to move through a line, individually on average, at different day parts, for different products and so on — and at 100% scale.
  • Congestion Analysis – measure how long customers or subjects gather in a specific area. A useful algorithm for measuring unformed line-time, effectiveness of promotions in-store and more.
  • Customer Detection – our Envysion Video and Insight already provide you a powerful tool and the Game Film to identify and validate when fraudulent refunds or returns occur. Now add the ability to instantly search and identify thousands of refund transactions for the ones where no customer was present during the transaction.
  • Path Analysis – measure the direction, count and path of customers as they move in, around and through an area of interest, such as an entrance or retail store area.
  • Motion-as-an-Event – integrating alarm data events (aka dry contact alarm events) with Envysion Video is a proven value-add. This analytic takes that integration to the next level providing a “virtual dry contact alarm” to any door of any shape or size and adds in additional information such as door-open duration. Imagine knowing how often, when and for how long your walk-in cooler door was open. Or, when and who opened a safe in a cash counting room.