Burger King Franchisee Sees Double-Digit Percent Profitability Increase after 60 Days with Envysion

March 13, 2018

O&M Group turns to Envysion for managed video system with POS integration to drive loss prevention and profitability.

O&M’s Challenge

After rolling out a traditional video system across multiple Burger King® restaurants, O&M Group President David Ostrowe quickly realized only a few individuals within the organization actually had access to the system. Even then, employees only utilized the video surveillance as a reactive tool when incidents occurred.

Managed Video Solution

Wanting a proactive loss prevention tool that would enable broad usage without requiring a significant IT investment, O&M turned to Envysion. By installing the Envysion managed video system with POS integration designed to help customers drive loss prevention efforts adding material profitability to their bottom line, Envysion was able to:

  • Jump start organization-wide use of video surveillance through an intuitive web browser interface
  • Provide powerful search capabilities with instant drill down to relevant video and associated transactional data
  • Integrate video with O&M’s POS system to drive loss prevention efforts and increase bottom-line profitability
  • Generate exception-based reports to highlight suspicious trends across stores
  • Alert O&M management of potentially fraudulent transactions such as voids, returns, discounts and coupons
  • Provide the visual context behind each POS transaction

Implementing Envysion has almost entirely eliminated the need for IT involvement. After only 60 days of using Envysion to take a proactive coaching approach, we saw a double-digit percent increase in profitability due to fewer exception transactions and lower food costs ultimately leading to higher store profitability.” —David Ostrowe, President of O&M Group

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