Challenge & Value

The competitive environment is a constant challenge to retailers’ brands — with intense competition for consumers and continued pressure to gain operating efficiencies and reduce loss. By empowering users across all of your stores with instant visibility into daily store operations, Envysion products help you drive significant improvements to store performance without straining your IT team.

Evolution of Video in Retail across the Organization

While video has long been used as a security tool, Envysion is helping retail operators realize video can be used for much more than just reactive incident investigations. By integrating video with business data systems, such as point of sale (POS), Envysion delivers video-driven business intelligenceTM. Retailers are able to instantly see the full video game film for any event or transaction at any store, providing unparalleled insight into loss prevention, sales and marketing, operations and the customer experience. Envysion transforms video surveillance into a strategic management tool capable of driving double-digit improvements in profitability.