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As trusted partners for nearly a decade, Chick-fil-A Operators like you have seen Envysion’s Solution Suite evolve. You’ve communicated your needs, and we’ve listened. Our new experience unlocks enhanced productivity, allowing you to get more done, faster. We’ve made it possible to realize value from your Managed Video Solution in as little as 10 minutes, freeing up time in your day. We’ve also improved video quality and designed tighter, more intuitive controls to make your job easier than ever.

Additionally, you will automatically get our Data Analytics package free for 60 days with your completed application. View our package options for details.

Envysion Video Intelligence Platform

See The Complete Picture

Our Restaurant Solution Suite includes a cloud-based Managed Video Solution that gives you visibility into your stores 24/7, whether it’s from your desk at the office or from your smartphone on the go. It’s quick, easy, and you will love the time you save. Use our Managed Video Solution to:

  • Save and share clips in the cloud
  • View multiple cameras at once
  • Keep 7 months of video stored in our Cloud Archive
  • Manage incidents by creating, assigning and resolving right from the application
  • Locate important video with time-saving motion search technology
  • Drill-down into your data with powerful filters and identify incidents quickly
  • Watch video verification of suspect transactions right alongside your POS data

Additionally, a dashboard view gives you reporting data at a glance so you have a clear picture of what’s going on in your stores. Envysion offers tools that get results, support success, and help build a culture of accountability.

Envysion Mobile Video
What Chick-fil-A Operators Are Saying
"Having Envysion has helped us better investigate and narrow down issues like theft in the restaurant. With the POS integration, we’ve been able to identify exactly when a TM stole from us and were able to take the appropriate action. I think that in itself is value because it helps send a message to the rest of the team."
Jas Bains
Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A Rohnert Park FSR

Dedicated Support

Your customer success manager and dedicated support offer coverage 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, including chat support to ensure that your Envysion experience is a great one.

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Justin Hammond

Sales Associate

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Customer Success Manager

Here's What You Get

Covered by Corporate

Managed Video Solution


7 Months Of Cloud Archive

Envysion Maintains Support

Incident Management

Add-On Options

Data & POS Integration

Price: $40 per month

**If you opt-in to these Data & POS Integration features

Restaurant Performance Audits

Price: $125/month for Bi-monthly audits; $250/month for Monthly audits

Chick-fil-A Playbook

Customized specifically for Chick-fil-A, the resources here will help you prevent theft and loss in your business. It’s a place to expand on your existing knowledge of our solution and application, troubleshoot your concerns, and request additional help or training if needed. Our goal is to fully support you and your team in getting the most out of your Envysion solution so that you see the value at every step.

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