August 2, 2021

Top 3 Concerns When Managing A Restaurant

Managing a restaurant is a challenge – there is the constant need for hiring and retaining good staff, never-ending operational duties, controlling waste/inventory loss, and most importantly, making a profit. If you manage more than one restaurant, your responsibilities increase significantly. Since it is still impossible to be in two places at once, you need to develop a sustainable strategy to keep all the restaurants afloat. How? We’ve compiled the three most common concerns restaurant managers face today and offer a reasonable and scalable solution for each.

Concern #1: I don’t have knowledgeable or reliable staff

Solution: First, establish a thorough training plan. Refer to 4 Reasons to Train Restaurant Staff Using Managed Video to train staff upon hire. This will also streamline training across restaurants for easier auditing activities. To learn more about managing the many types of required restaurant auditing, click here.

Concern #2: Where is my inventory going?

Unfortunately, employee theft in restaurants is not uncommon. In fact, restaurant employee theft is more common than you may think. According to the National Restaurant Association, it accounts for 75% of all inventory shortages and 4% of sales.

The best way to stop inside theft is to eliminate the opportunity. For example, educating staff about how one incident of theft affects the restaurant’s profitability and the staff’s employment will go a long way to preventing it. Utilizing a managed video system to both train and monitor restaurant staff will clearly set your expectations as a manager upfront. To learn more about managed video technology, visit Envysion’s Managed Video Solution.

Concern #3: I can’t be in each restaurant location simultaneously. How can I effectively manage several locations?

Show up frequently on alternating days and hours. Making yourself available during different days and shifts will benefit your restaurant in two ways. Staff will be assured that you are not an absentee manager and are truly invested in the restaurant’s success. It also gives all shifts the opportunity to communicate with you directly. Your staff is your most valuable resource; giving each member a chance to talk to you demonstrates this!

Cultivate an approachable relationship with staff. Offering guidance to staff is just as important as requesting feedback from them. Staff will be more likely to listen to you if they feel they are being heard. Being a clear communicator cannot be underestimated, especially when managing several restaurants. Time wasted repeating instructions is money lost. “According to one study, businesses with multiple locations spend an average of 17 hours a week repeating and clarifying communications.”

Routinely showing up at each location for just an hour or so is the most cost-effective way to keep everyone informed and heard.
Managing a restaurant is a bit like juggling. Spend too much time on one item and all the other items will fall. It is imperative to use your limited time in a smarter way.

Applying the suggested solutions to the three common concerns listed above will give you a foundation for managing multiple restaurants effectively. Managers can use these tools to ensure their restaurant(s) flourish. Educating staff, using video for loss prevention visibility, and being an approachable manager will exponentially increase your restaurant’s financial success and favorable reputation.

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