April 18, 2023

3 Questions Before Implementing a QSR Mystery Shopper Program

In recent years, we have adapted our restaurant operations by implementing new safety measures. As a result, several Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) managers have been contemplating the idea of utilizing a mystery shopper program to gauge their performance. Although restaurants are once again experiencing a level of foot traffic that was once considered routine, the current circumstances are not entirely identical.

The fast-casual dining industry has undergone significant alterations in the wake of the pandemic, resulting in changes to customer experience and satisfaction assessment. The implementation of frequent curbside pickups, heightened sanitization protocols, and more has made the mystery shopping process more intricate. Prior to initiating an adapted mystery shopping program, it is advisable to examine the existing data touchpoints and pose three crucial inquiries to yourself:

1.  What improvements can you enact based on what you see?

Most video recording programs can track a customer’s footsteps upon entering your restaurant, interacting with staff, and exiting. The data you acquire from each step of this customer behavior can, in effect, make any customer a bit of a secret shopper.

Key takeaway:  Ensure you opt for a video program that is automatically stored in the cloud for future reference.

2.  Would you be a return customer?

Get more intelligence out of your managed video surveillance. Experience the worker-customer relationship firsthand. Watch the interaction and put yourself in the role of the customer. Is the person at the register greeting the guest based on your brand guidelines such as uniform compliance? Are your tables clean and ready for use? Is the trash overflowing? Are the signs in the drive-thru visible and standing upright?

Key takeaway:  Be certain the video surveillance system you use can analyze the many points of data captured. Extra points if it integrates with your POS software.


3.  Do customers feel you are taking their health and safety seriously?

Utilize the extra measures incorporated in health and safety audits to easily measure against actual customer interactions.

Key takeaway: Make sure your current auditing results drive staff to promote a healthy workplace. The best auditing programs will produce actionable directives for staff that flow down to the customer.


Mystery Shopper Program Via Restaurant Audits

The changes in the restaurant industry in recent years have evoked a mixture of both relief and unease. Although it’s gratifying to resume operations, customers anticipate a superior experience across diverse platforms, including direct delivery, curbside pickup, and dine-in options, each of which demands varying degrees of sanitization and safety protocols. As managers experiment with mystery shoppers or even actual customers, it’s crucial to comprehend and cater to the needs of each customer type. To establish a workplace culture centered on continual improvement, ensure that your software is robust, flexible, and generates precise metrics.

Envysion video and audit solutions combine surveillance video, audio, and transactional business data with our intuitive managed video platform giving you actionable insights to protect and grow your business.  

To learn more about how our video and/or audit solutions can increase your customer satisfaction, schedule a demo.

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