May 17, 2023

5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Video Security Management in Convenience Stores

Cloud-based video security provides a unique opportunity for convenience stores. With a Network Video Recorder (NVR), they have the opportunity to locate historical video footage when they need it; based on the storage size of the NVR. An NVR can also provide remote accessibility plus convenience to manage stores, review data and reporting, and maintain security. Keep recorded video securely stored based on a state’s statute of limitations for peace of mind in case of future needs. Below are 5 advantages of cloud-based video security management in convenience stores.

Remote Accessibility and Convenience 

With cloud-based video security management, there’s no need to set up servers for remote connectivity, guaranteeing the security of your network. Additionally, Envysion has developed cloud-based video security solutions specifically designed for real-time remote access and cloud storage management, ensuring optimal performance and complete functionality.

Whereas traditional video may require on-premise management, internet-connected and managed security camera systems allow access from any device at any time. Also, a mobile app makes it convenient to access anytime and anywhere. A cloud-based video security solution can be used cohesively by teams or across regions.

Management Visibility 

A convenience store solution suite is a comprehensive tool to drive store profitability and optimize business performance. For instance, the ability to monitor convenience stores for vendor deliveries, ID checking, pump monitoring, food court visibility, or proper signage provides tremendous benefits.

For example, a cloud-based video security system can help protect you from false claims. Having access to recorded video provides proof against potential safety liabilities, slip and fall incidents, and dangerous conditions. Plus, backdoor cameras and video motion sensors are ideal for maximizing backdoor safety and verifying OSHA compliance. Real-time and cloud-based video recordings can also help prevent future slip and fall accidents by providing training opportunities for management and employees.

A managed video solution allows management to identify and correct employee training gaps and train new team members. C-stores can use recorded footage to develop associate knowledge, reinforce ideal employee behavior, and improve team morale.

Increased Data and Reporting 

Accurate data and effective reporting are critical to the success of convenience stores. Capturing data alongside video offers effective reporting, review, and implementation. Make decisions easily with visual and audio validation.

A c-store solution suite of tools allows management to see all POS keystrokes, matching events and exceptions with video and audio recordings. Mobile apps enable management to search by date and time, clerk, or receipt number. Cloud-based security solutions also provide confirmation on credit card fraud, under-ringing, id checks, and more.

C-stores can also utilize custom reports for specific requirements or needs. Customized reports are ideal for simplifying compliance reporting and maintaining precise information for audits. Reporting fields can include line voids, discounts, refunds, unauthorized safe drops, and opening a drawer without a sale.

Enhanced Security With Cloud-Based Video Security

Cloud-based video security solutions provide c-stores an opportunity to ensure that their video data is protected. While traditional on-premise hardware and software systems once offered an added layer of security, the changing landscape of cybersecurity means that cloud-based video management software now provides the best protection against data theft.

By utilizing a managed video security solution, data is protected through end-to-end encryption. Additionally, security updates can be easily installed, allowing for improvements as data theft tactics become more sophisticated. As security standards change, c-stores can implement practices, including two-factor authentication and single sign-on.

Ongoing security risk mitigation is critical to ensuring that data remains secure, and a cloud-based solution allows c-stores to be the first to utilize technological updates and developments.

Cloud-based Video Security and Performance 

A managed video solution is an excellent alternative to traditional systems, which require significant installation, management, and maintenance. A cloud-based video security solution provides recorded and real-time video footage, cloud storage, POS keystroke data, daily exception reporting, and access from any device.

For an added layer of functionality, a cloud-based solution allows for easy integration with other on-premises equipment to provide the ability to manage all systems remotely.

With a cloud-based system, convenience stores can have confidence that they get the best footage possible and storage customized for their needs. Cloud-based solutions, particularly those with mobile apps, are more intuitive, easier to navigate and manage.

Overall, cloud-based video security management provides substantial advantages for convenience stores.

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