Envysion App: Enhanced Dashboard Update for Better Insights

Envysion Dashboard on Mobile Phone

Envysion, known for its innovative solutions for businesses, has rolled out a major update to its dashboard, aiming to offer users a smoother and more comprehensive user experience. Now, with the new refresh of the Main Dashboard, users can access a complete set of visual data and insights across their establishments, whether they’re on mobile or desktop. This update covers four key sections: System Health Status, Smart Site Protection, Risk Snapshot, and Sales Insights. The refreshed dashboard aims to provide users with a holistic view of their operations and empower them to make informed decisions.

Envysion Dashboard

Mobile App Insights Dashboard

Envysion also launched the new Mobile Insights Dashboard, designed to provide iOS and Android users with a user-friendly and streamlined experience when accessing important information within the Envysion mobile application.


System Health Status 

The Main Dashboard provides users with real-time insights into the health status of their systems. The System Health Dashboard includes insights for the “Cameras” and “Appliances” dashboard cards. Users can quickly identify if any of their cameras or appliances have gone offline within the past 24 hours. Easily monitor the status of cameras, appliances, and Cloud Archive, ensuring uninterrupted operations and proactive troubleshooting.


Cloud Archive Monitoring in System Health Status 

Envysion protects footage for over 9,000 restaurant and retail customer sites with our Cloud Archive service. This service ensures continuous 24/7 protection of footage stored in the cloud. Monitoring each site’s backup status is now simpler with the Cloud Archive Status feature in the System Health Status Dashboard. Users can easily confirm successful backup and ensure footage remains secure, even amid network challenges, enhancing overall system reliability and security.

Cloud Archive Dashboard


Smart Site Protection™

Envysion’s Smart Site Protection feature allows users to monitor and protect their physical locations effectively. By integrating Smart Site Protection insights into the Main Dashboard, users can enhance security measures and mitigate risks in their establishments.

Note: Smart Site Protection™ is available exclusively to customers subscribed to our Envysion Reports service.

Smart Site Protection Dashboard


Risk Snapshot 

With the Risk Snapshot feature integrated into the Main Dashboard, users gain visibility into potential risks and vulnerabilities within their operations. By analyzing data related to refund transactions, employee involvement, and transaction timing, users can identify and address fraudulent activities promptly.

Note: The Risk Snapshot section is available exclusively to customers subscribed to our Envysion Reports service.

risk snapshot dashboard


Sales Insights

Envysion’s Sales Insights feature provides users with valuable data and analytics to optimize sales strategies and drive business growth. By integrating Sales Insights into the Main Dashboard, users can access key metrics and performance indicators to make data-driven decisions and improve overall sales performance.

Note: The Sales Insights section is available exclusively to customers subscribed to our Envysion Reports service.

Sales Insights Dashboard


With these updates, Envysion continues to empower businesses with valuable insights and tools to improve efficiency and ensure a secure operating environment. Stay tuned for more updates as Envysion remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions for businesses nationwide.