Envysion Application Innovation Council

Envysion is in the business of serving our customers with product/application innovation and cutting-edge loss prevention and asset protection technology. We look to our power users to shape our future. With that in mind, we created an Application Innovation Council as a sounding board to learn from and grow with our customers. 

We met at the beginning of November and learned so much from our team of Envysion application experts. There are so many ways to use the Envysion solution and it was great to learn some unique and additional ways to use video. Store managers are using it to verify guest complaints, HR and Risk managers use it to verify incidents and Loss Prevention managers use it to catch and prosecute theft. We also learned about a few suggestions to further enhance the end user experience, and we are in the process of making those great updates now.. 

This group of platform users is already helping us shape the way technology can help us solve problems that restaurants, convenience stores and retailers face. We are so grateful for their time and insight. Click here to learn more about our Application Innovation Council.