Innovative Collaboration: Envysion’s Engineering Team

Software engineer

Envysion’s engineering team, under the leadership of Blair Mackiewich, has emerged as a dynamic force in the tech industry. With nearly 50 talented individuals spread across the globe, their commitment to delivering exceptional products has earned them a well-deserved reputation. Over the past 18 months, the team has experienced rapid growth, nearly doubling its size, and attracting a diverse mix of seasoned experts and aspiring engineers. The team’s dedication to learning and development has been instrumental in their continuous success.

Despite their geographical locations and limited physical presence in the office, the team has found innovative ways to collaborate effectively. Meetings, predominantly conducted through chat or video calls, now mirror the dynamic environment of in-person interactions. By utilizing video with cameras turned on, they recreate the familiarity of face-to-face encounters, enabling real-time problem-solving, spontaneous conversations, and valuable group brainstorming sessions. 

The team’s camaraderie and seamless remote workflow have impressed Blair, who said, “It’s remarkable to witness their ability to solve problems together and maintain a cohesive ‘war room’ atmosphere throughout the day. They are masters at this remote work environment.”

Lately, there has been a migration to incorporate more artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into the Envysion platform. Following our merger with Motorola Solutions, we have gained access to an extensive range of cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning and AI. The integration of these powerful tools into the Envysion platform demands extensive time, effort, and collaboration across the organization. However, their roadmap has some exciting projects, with features slated to harness the potential of AI and enhance the user experience.

Envysion’s engineering team is driven by a relentless pursuit of delivering the best and simplest solutions to their customers’ problems. In their quest for excellence, they have already accomplished an impressive milestone, having released 40 Product Updates this year alone. Their focus extends beyond flashy features and innovations, with specific attention given to critical aspects such as the Envysion EnVR® resiliency. This dedication to ensuring a seamless experience makes a significant difference for our customers. 

Blair emphasizes their customer-centric approach, stating, “We want new features to seamlessly appear, enhancing the user’s workflow without disruption. Over time, they should naturally realize how much easier it is to use our platform.”

Envysion’s engineering team continues to push the boundaries, fueled by their pursuit of excellence and the desire to provide the best solutions for their customers. As they move forward, their ability to seamlessly blend innovation, collaboration, and AI integration sets them apart as true industry leaders.