Shining Stars at Envysion: Recognizing the Outstanding Employees of April and May

Employee of the Month
April Employee of the Month

Envysion is proud to recognize John Bezek for his outstanding contributions over the past 7 years and April’s Employee of the Month. John’s journey with Envysion began in Loss Prevention, where he quickly became an asset to the team. Today, John serves as a Customer Success Specialist, where he continues to make a significant impact.

As a Customer Success Specialist, John’s passion lies in training users on how to harness the full potential of the Envysion platform. He is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the knowledge and tools they need to optimize their experience with our products and services. John’s expertise extends beyond training; he provides crucial support to the entire Customer Support team, assisting with training sessions, piloting new features, and helping clients understand how Loss Prevention can impact their organizations.

In addition to his dedication to Envysion, John has a passion for home improvement. Currently, he is working on a house project in North Carolina, where he is busy painting and adding landscaping to create his dream home.

John’s commitment to excellence and his ability to connect with customers and colleagues make him an invaluable asset to the Envysion team. We are grateful for his contributions and look forward to witnessing his continued success.

May Employee of the Month

Josh Ancill, Senior Staff Software Engineer, is the well-deserved recipient of our May Employee of the Month! With his unwavering dedication, collaborative spirit, and problem-solving skills, Josh is an invaluable asset to our team here at Envysion. Having been with Envysion since 2015, Josh consistently goes above and beyond to offer assistance and share his extensive expertise with his colleagues.

At the forefront of innovation, Josh personally led the development of the new EnVR Web Interface, a testament to his exceptional skills and commitment to excellence. Through his remarkable leadership, he led updates that significantly enhanced build stability resulting in remarkable improvements to our overall system reliability. Josh takes pride in his contributions to the team, continually striving to tackle complex problems with a solution-oriented approach.

Josh embodies a genuine passion for supporting and uplifting his team. His observant and proactive nature ensures that he is always one step ahead, offering a helping hand wherever it’s needed. The level of skill and commitment he brings to his work is matched by his enthusiasm for fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Outside of his work at Envysion, Josh dedicates his spare time to a meaningful cause. He embraces his love for video games by recording and streaming gaming sessions, all for the purpose of raising funds for charity. It is a testament to his character that even during his leisure time, he finds ways to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Josh resides in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has a cat named Squirt.

Josh’s commitment to excellence, remarkable problem-solving skills, and genuine support for his colleagues make him a shining star within our team. His contributions to the development of the EnVR Web Interface and his dedication to creating a robust and reliable system are truly commendable. 

We are fortunate to have John and Josh as part of our Envysion family, and their recognition as the April and May Employees of the Month are well-deserved.