Is your business struggling with profit margins?

Your VIDEO + Your DATA
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Boost profits with Envysion's solution by gaining visibility into your business - using the security cameras you already have. Envysion tracks exactly where your cash is going so you have more control.

What kind of business do you want to protect?

Restaurants, convenience stores, and retail establishments need visibility to protect their business, brand, people, and profits.

With Envysion, you can access video footage anywhere, anytime. Envysion combines video with data from your POS system - so you can see the full picture of what's happening at your locations.

Envysion Benefits

Take Back Control Of Your Business


Get Your Time Back​​

We make video reviewing simple and intelligent so you can get back to what matters.​​

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Increase Your Profit​​

Pairing your video and POS data doesn’t just give you visibility into internal theft. It helps you find business opportunities.​​​

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Add An Extra Set Of Eyes

Peace of mind that your business is covered at any time of the day.​​

Reviewing Video Shouldn't Take Forever

There never seems to be enough time in the day when running a business. Win your day back and let us keep an eye on everything.

Envysion's Managed Video Solution

Making Video Security Review Simple

The ugly truth is, businesses are fraught with risk. Between theft, fraud, HR and legal issues, operational noncompliance, and poor customer experience, thousands of dollars are slipping from your bottom line each month. With Envysion’s secure, scalable, accessible and easy to use Managed Video Solution, you can rest assured that your business is protected.

All Your Video In One Place

Our cloud-based video surveillance software allows you access to real-time footage across all of your locations anytime, anywhere across all devices.

Access To All Of Your Cameras On The Go

Whether you’re logging in from your store or on the go via your mobile device, access to your video is always a quick click or tap away.

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Ready TO Scale?

The Next Steps Towards Optimizing Your Operations

Every business is unique so your technology should be too. At Envysion, we want you to get the solutions you need without all the fluff. Customize your own all-in-one asset protection technology stack with our partner integrations, incident management tool, video cloud storage, or audit programs.

You work hard to protect your most important assets - your business, brand, people & profits.

We do too.

You work hard to protect your most important assets - your business, brand, people & profits.

We do too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work hard to get your location’s video mapped properly and your workspace confirgured. To do so, our team takes 3-6 weeks from the time we have all the details nailed down and a contract signed.
Typically, yes! Envysion offers multiple appliances to ensure we can accommodate various existing equipment that you may have invested in. The key is ensuring you have the quality and coverage you need in order to drive value from our solution.

Envysion integrates with most POS systems. If we don’t integrate with yours currently, we may integrate in the future.

Yes. If your data source would be more powerful with video context, we can often integrate your third-party data to future create a comprehensive experience.

Both. For instance, we use human auditors to mine exception reporting, returning results via our Incident Management tool. Operational audits can also be human-based (i.e. secret shopper replacement services) but we also offer camera/machine analytics for services such as speed of service, line time, abandonment, etc.

Ready to get more out of your business' video security?

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