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Envysion delivers Dairy Queen owners and operators, like you, real-time insights into all your locations by syncing surveillance video and POS data – giving you your time back so you can focus on what matters.

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Envysion's Managed Video Solution

Making Video Surveillance Review Simple

The ugly truth is: businesses are fraught with risk. Between theft, fraud, HR and legal issues, operational noncompliance, and poor customer experience, thousands of dollars are slipping from your bottom line each month. With Envysion’s secure, scalable, accessible, and easy to use Managed Video Solution, you can rest assured that your business is protected.

Managed Video Solution

Trouble Getting the Full Picture?

Our cloud-based video surveillance software allows you access to real-time footage across all of your locations on your mobile device.

Video Intelligence Platform Devices
Cloud Archive

Do You Have An Insurance Policy For Your Video?

Protect your business–in the event of potential future litigation–by archiving your video in the cloud. Because the past is never truly behind us, safeguard against liability claims and other workplace events for what may arise months or years after the initial event.

Cloud archive on a computer
Incident Management

Do You Have Incidents Falling Through The Cracks?

Incident Management allows you to do more than save video clips. It provides the ability to flag theft, loss, or operational issues and drive accountability in your business.

Envysion Incident Management for restaurants Screens
QsrSoft® Integration

Do You Want To Pair POS Data With Your Video?

Embed Envysion’s video player inside the QsrSoft® Security tools to have the necessary insight to positively transform your business.

Need to save a clip and record notes for future reference?

McDonald's QsrSoft Screen Mockup
Smart Site Protection™

Do You Have Eyes On Your Business 24/7?

Smart Site Protection™ is an augmented video alarm management service that assists quick-service restaurants, convenience stores, and other small retailers in quickly identifying and confirming theft or irregular nightly activity. Detect, verify, and respond to threats in order to decrease the likelihood of false alarms, missed emergencies, and their implications. Gain peace of mind knowing that your business is being watched, even when you’re off the clock.

Smart Site Protection on Mobile
Audit Programs

Would Your Business Benefit From Discreet Continuous Feedback?

Our audit programs are hand-crafted by certified experts to watch for safety concerns, theft, fraud, and operational incidents efficiently by leveraging integrated video surveillance and transaction data.

Audit Programs Dashboard

Our Partners

Protecting Your Business is Our Business

Envysion exists to help passionate business people enhance their customer experience, streamline operations, mitigate loss, and increase profitability. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, where it makes sense to do so. We are agnostic to nearly all cameras on the market but we can’t fix an old bad camera. However, our consultative approach can help you determine if using your existing analog or IP cameras make sense for you.

Yes! We will coordinate the scheduling of on-site support with your dedicated POC and GMs to install entirely new systems or replace specific cameras, regardless of who provides the equipment.

We can save all recorded video footage in the cloud for periods of time starting at 7 months to 7 years depending on your needs.

Yes. With our integration, you can view receipt details alongside the video of the transactions to easily identify theft and manipulations of the cash register.

Unlimited. User roles can also be created for different disciplines in your organization.

Yes. Permissions are custom created by the admin allowing you to assign users to specific store(s). You also have the ability to limit access to cameras and features such as sharing clips, clip download, or historical rights.

Yes. Depending on the manufacturer of your camera, some of these settings may need to be completed on-site but this list is short. All cameras purchased by Envysion can be fully managed through our dashboard.

Not at all – As an Envysion customer, you’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager while also being able to call or live chat our Help Desk if troubles arise.

Yes, which allows you to do mostly everything you can accomplish in our online dashboard such as saving & sharing clips. Our mobile app is available in both iOS and Android.

Yes. Not only can you keep tabs on clips that are shared with outside entities but you may password protect them and expire their rights at anytime.

Absolutely. We can watch video samples every day to look for nearly any compliance category such as employee uniforms, back door safety, clean floors, and cash handling. We customize an auditing solution for you that fits your budget & goals that delivers a daily report card for each location.

Cyber Security is always top of mind for us at Envysion. For this reason, our EnVRs have their own dedicated VPN for which traffic is tunneled to our Envysion servers. Our integrated VPN also streamlines connectivity and reduces headaches with your store’s existing VPN.

As a Motorola Solutions Company we have access to a network of leading engineers for ongoing upgrades and advancements. We also have a Customer Advisory Board and Application Innovation Council who are leaders in the QSR industry and guide us in the most helpful product launches.

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