Envysion Company Overview:

In 2006, we launched Envysion with the simple idea that businesses could operate more effectively if they have better visibility into what was really happening in their locations.  We saw video as a materially under-utilized investment, almost always used by a small group of people for very narrow and reactive purposes. Our goal was to create a video platform that eliminated the barriers of traditional video surveillance, and that made video a broadly utilized and powerful strategic management tool that provides actionable insights for businesses.

Today, Envysion’s next generation Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) solution ties video to critical company data, providing operators with instant and actionable insight and enabling them to increase profitability 10-15% through broad utilization of powerful video-driven business intelligence. Envysion created the MVaaS model to transform video surveillance into a strategic management tool that provides instant and unfiltered business insights to users across operations, loss prevention, marketing and human resources. The MVaaS model enables Envysion to accelerate innovation by rapidly responding to market requirements and making new capabilities immediately available to all users. Envysion’s award winning platform quickly scales to 1,000s of locations and 10,000s of users without straining the IT department or network.

Our Mission:


To elevate our customers’ performance by maximizing the insights gained from observing their business


To fundamentally change and improve how businesses operate by providing the most utilized, impactful and innovative video and data solutions while building a fantastic company for our customers, employees, shareholders and community