March 20, 2024

Reduce False Alarm Fees with Human Detection and AI Technology

As a restaurant owner, have peace of mind knowing your business is being watched, even when everyone is off the clock. We know that your restaurant’s protection is top of mind. Updating your restaurant’s technology is a great place to start, especially when the outcome benefits the safety of your team members, guests, and your bottom line.

Smart Site Protection uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect if a person is present after-hours when the business is closed for the day and all employees have left. An alert, along with video footage, is sent to a designated person(s) to seamlessly verify and respond to possible threats via a mobile device. This solution enables managers to augment their alarm management system to greatly reduce false alarm fees, help in improving emergency services response time, and personalize the workflow for receiving and reacting to push notifications for instant verification and quick response. 

Restaurant Protection After-Hours

Imagine, it’s 1:23 am and your restaurant is closed for the day. Your employees have left and securely locked up after their scheduled shifts. An hour later, you receive an alert on your mobile device notifying you that the security alarm went off. Now you need to make an immediate decision to dispatch police. 

With your restaurant’s security cameras that are currently in place and connected to Envysion’s EnVR, where built-in AI technology filters the motion and detects human movement – an alert is generated to be sent to you, along with the exact video of the situation.

You review the video and notice a scheduled delivery driver in the building helping himself to a free beverage. His movement caused the alarm. You click “No Threat”, immediately silencing the alarm for a period of time. This selection diverts the false alarm fee and an unnecessary visit from the local law enforcement. The only concern now is having a conversation with the delivery service to address the delivery driver’s actions.

Click here to download — Success Story: Burglar Caught by Smart Site Protection™


Save Work, Time, and Money

With valuable AI technology and immediate insights available in a user-friendly system, Smart Site Protection™ levels up existing video alarm management services. This feature protects restaurants and saves work, time, and money, allowing owners to focus on their bottom line, not on false alarms. 

Elevate your existing on-site security cameras with Intrusion Alerts, where no additional hardware is needed. This feature identifies, filters, and eliminates additional noise to generate video alerts from human-generated movement. Smart Site Protection™ Configuration offers complete control for the customization of schedules and notification preferences for each location all managed within one platform. Integrating Smart Site Protection™ mitigates false alarms, without the driving cost of false alarm fees.

As an owner of a quick-service restaurant, it’s important to be the first to know if the business is at risk: Mobile Self-Verification triggers notifications of the video-based alarm to confirm if there is a true threat. Owners with multiple locations may choose to opt-in to Envysion’s Professional Monitoring Service – professionals trained to verify events and contact emergency services if a true threat is detected.

Lastly, Alarm Insights allows for storage of these video clips safely in the cloud for up to 90-days to playback footage, flag questionable activity, and uncover hidden offenses. Further, protect the business by saving specific video clips of alarmed events in the software’s “My Clips” feature or make notes within the “Incident Management” feature – all accessible within a single login in the application.

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