February 22, 2024

Restaurant Security: Insights from Experts

Welcome to our insightful discussion with Brian Waisman, National Sales Director, and Michael Rafoul, Senior Product Manager at Envysion. Together, they dive into the complex landscape of restaurant security, covering challenges faced by operators, innovative technological solutions, and the critical aspect of partnering with a trusted security provider:


1) What are some of the biggest challenges operators face when it comes to restaurant security? 

Brian: Keeping restaurants safe has changed a lot over time, making it difficult for owners to protect their property and customers. They face various challenges such as dealing with crime in the area, handling unhappy employees, and ensuring everyone’s safety. Luckily, new technology like panic buttons and alarms, backed by video verification, is helping to address these challenges. 

Mike: One significant challenge arises from using outdated security technology. For example, basic alarm sensors and motion detectors don’t have video capabilities, so owners need to invest more to add video surveillance. This creates a dilemma of balancing security needs with other operational costs. Owners also face issues like nighttime break-ins and managing disruptive behavior, which require modern solutions. 


2) How are operators responding to these challenges? 

Mike: Operators are adopting managed video systems like Envysion to generate video alarms, moving away from outdated door and motion sensors. They’re also using more person-detected events and increasingly relying on virtual guarding as a replacement for traditional security guards.

Brian: Operators want cameras that can do more and vendors who offer comprehensive solutions without needing to invest in extra technology. They’re also hiring differently like adding specialized security staff and prioritizing safety in and around their business. They’re creating a safe environment for their staff to reduce turnover, and their customers to ensure they have a comfortable experience.


3) How are advancements in technology changing restaurant security? 

Brian: At Envysion, witnessing a significant disruption in the industry, driven by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and talk-down, or live announcement systems. There’s a shift towards more remote and AI- or machine learning (ML)-based security solutions. These technologies are being integrated at the storefront but monitored remotely. 

Mike: Remote technology is making security easier and more efficient. We’re seeing restaurants replacing old hardware with newer options like touchpad panels instead of old alarm systems and more remote system management.


4) How have the last few years changed what customers expect when it comes to restaurant security? How should operators communicate to consumers that their needs are being met? 

Brian: It’s a complex question, especially in the United States where security threats vary. However, younger generations are increasingly conscious of their surroundings. When they feel safe and secure, they’re more likely to visit a restaurant. Customers now prioritize feeling protected. We’re seeing many of our customers requesting visible signs, like stickers, indicating on-premise monitoring to deter theft and enhance safety for both employees and patrons. 

Mike: In restaurants, virtual guarding has received positive feedback from customers and employees, as they feel safer knowing someone is actively monitoring the premises. This includes protecting the store during both operational hours and when closed.


5) Why is it more crucial than ever before to partner with a trusted brand? 

Brian: It’s crucial to choose a company with a proven track record in safety and security. Look for a partner that aligns with your business goals and doesn’t tie you down with lengthy contracts. Opt for a company that prioritizes your establishment’s success and safety for everyone involved, including employees, customers, owners, and the community. While it may not always be the cheapest option, investing in a quality solution ensures a better return on investment (ROI) in the long run compared to going with the cheapest or even the most expensive option. Having an all-in-one, single point of contact with a strong dedicated team behind them simplifies the process for everyone.

Mike: When you’re putting your company’s safety and security in someone else’s hands, you need a partner you can trust to handle everything smoothly. It’s about feeling secure knowing they’re keeping an eye on things. It’s about having a partner asking questions on how the system works with their individual needs and making continuous advancements based on customer feedback.


6) What else do quick-service restaurant operators need to know?

Brian: Many operators heavily invest in their brands and buildings, sometimes overlooking safety and security. It’s becoming more important than ever to get to know the company you’re working with. There are a lot of sales pitches out there, so make sure to check what they’ve actually delivered and accomplished.

Mike: The bottom line is if you don’t take care of your employees’ safety and security, you might end up losing your best and most valuable workers. 


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