May 3, 2024

4 Reasons Why Store, Loss Prevention, and HR Managers Can’t Live Without Motion Search

Damion Piper, Customer Success Manager


Sifting through hours of video footage to locate a particular clip can be exhausting and time-consuming. Store managers, human resource managers, and loss prevention managers require an intelligent tool that can quickly search through security camera footage, detect movement within seconds, and resolve critical incidents efficiently. Hear from Envysion Customer Success Manager, Damion Piper, as he talks about how Envysion’s Motion Search is your ultimate tool for pinpointing specific clips, streamlining your workflow, and simplifying your video search. 


1. Motion Search Saves Valuable Time During Investigations

Every minute counts when handling security reviews or investigating incidents for our customers. Combing through hours of footage for specific events is incredibly time-consuming. We are lucky to have perfected our Motion Search feature within our application. It’s easy to select an area on a camera feed, set the date and time, and instantly locate moments of activity. Customers love this feature because it not only speeds up investigations but also ensures critical footage is not missed.


2. Refined Video Searches with Advanced Filtering Capabilities

Precision is key when searching through video. There are so many instances when customers reach out to me to help them locate a specific incident such as back door violations or understanding any overnight activity in the parking lot. With Motion Search, I can show how to filter video by specific criteria such as location, transaction, day, and time. This means you can quickly drill down to the exact video clip needed without unnecessary concentration while they sit and watch a video fast forward. It’s like having a powerful magnifying glass that highlights only what’s truly relevant, saving time and effort.


3. Pinpoint Valuable Footage in Minutes

Imagine you have a slip-and-fall claim where you know the date and approximate time is occurred, say between 6pm and 8pm, near a specific parking spot. With Motion Search, you can select a small area within that date and time frame, and within seconds, the tool highlights any motion detected in that zone. Instead of sifting through two hours of video footage, you can quickly find, clip, and save the valuable slip-and-fall video footage. 


4. Streamlined Sharing and Collaboration

Once you find the necessary clip, sharing it with your management team, HR, or other external users, such as law enforcement, is crucial. The ability to quickly clip, save, and share video right from the interface is a game changer. Whether it’s saving a clip for further internal investigation or sharing it as a secured link via email, it’s a quick and easy task.


The Results

Since highlighting Motion Search with my customers, they have been relieved to see what a difference it makes:


Operational Compliance: Spot-checking when a back door opens in the morning, making sure their stores open on time.

✅ Security Checks: Viewing any movement in the parking lot in the overnight hours to monitor possible unwanted activity. 

✅ Delivery Verification: Locating deliveries and confirming they are accurately received and managed properly.

✅ Cash Handling Procedures: Pinpointing a cash transaction and locating the specific moment the cash entered the register, or a person’s pocket.


Recently, a customer was impressed by how quickly they could spot and find the video they needed to confirm the exact time a manager walked an employee to the office for a drawer change and cash drop. This not only strengthens their trust in our managed video platform but also highlights the efficiency of our services.


Quickly Drill Down on Critical Video Clips with Intelligent Motion Search

Ready to transform how you manage security footage? Let Motion Search streamline your surveillance tasks and free up your time for what really matters. Join me in adopting this time-saving tool and see the difference for yourself.


As a dedicated Envysion Customer Success Manager, I am committed to supporting you every step of the way in maximizing the benefits of Motion Search and Envysion’s suite of solutions. With my expertise in video security technology and years of experience, I am here to make sure your surveillance operations are optimized for success. From personalized training sessions to ongoing support, I look forward to partnering with you to achieve your loss prevention and operational goals. Let’s team up and take advantage of Envysion’s cutting-edge technology.


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