September 12, 2023

How Video Surveillance Increases Customer Loyalty in Convenience Stores

Convenience store success is rooted in the ability to attract and retain customers. With the appropriate tools, customer loyalty in convenience stores can be increased through engaging and positive customer experiences.

Customers are more aware and attentive to their shopping experiences than ever before. In addition, retail purchasing has become increasingly practical due to abundant delivery, curbside, and pickup options. As a result, customers visiting a retail or convenience store do so by choice, not by necessity.

Observing, evaluating, and understanding the current customer experience is critical. The allows for identifying opportunities to improve the customer experience and their interactions with associates.

According to the “C-Store Shopper Profile” by Excentus, a PDI company, 43% of shoppers visit c-stores because they belong to the retailer’s loyalty program. Plus, 51% of c-store shoppers admit to frequenting retailers more often if they belong to a loyalty program.

Customer Loyalty in Convenience Stores with Video Surveillance

Increasing customer loyalty in convenience stores requires a strong understanding of current customer behaviors and habits. Without this critical data, it’s difficult to identify future customer trends that contribute to customer loyalty.

Imagine video surveillance connected to a network video recorder (NVR) that gives you access to view recorded video. You are able to monitor customer behaviors and identify how specific changes may result in increased loyalty. Managed video software can include motion detection and traffic counting to allow for even greater insights.

Customer Experiences Beyond Convenience

Customer loyalty in convenience stores is contingent on the ability to create reliably safe, clean, and welcoming environments.

With the prevalence of convenient shopping options, convenience stores need to prioritize the customer’s in-store shopping experience. Customers aim to align themselves with brands that fit their values, lifestyles, and preferences.

Further, convenience stores need to look beyond the traditional c-store model to incorporate safety, hygiene, and customer comfort. In-store customers desire specific shopping experiences that prioritize cleanliness, fewer total stops, convenience, and options.

Store cleanliness results in more loyalty and increases overall spend. When customers experience a consistent level of cleanliness, they’re more likely to trust your brand, return, and make larger purchases.

Cloud video surveillance management allows convenience stores to monitor their retail locations closely and maintain premium customer experiences. As a result, they can expect customers to return more frequently and make larger purchases.

Engaged Convenience Store Employees

An engaged and well-trained staff ensures that customer needs are met efficiently and under favorable circumstances. As a result, C-store customers are more likely to return after positive interactions with employees.

Managers can monitor and review video and evaluate associate and customer interactions. With cloud-based video surveillance, managers can get live, real-time insights without needing to be physically present. In addition, video can be reviewed with associates, virtually or in person, and used as coaching opportunities.

The cloud-based video provides an opportunity to identify critical safety and hygiene concerns before leading to costly incidents. Further, managed video surveillance allows everyone to revisit proper procedures that help ensure customer health, safety, and loyalty.

C-store customers make decisions based on the quality of experience they can expect to have. With Envysion’s managed video solutions, owners and managers can expect to control customer experiences more effectively.

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