December 5, 2023

How Applegreen Uses Envysion for Convenience Store Loss Prevention

In the competitive convenience store and travel plaza industry, safeguarding profits through loss prevention and asset protection has become critical. Applegreen, a global travel plaza chain, has risen to this challenge under the leadership of David Adelman, Senior Director of Loss Prevention. In a recent interview, he discussed Applegreen’s strategic use of Envysion’s Managed Video Solution, an advanced managed video and convenience store loss prevention software solution, to protect profits and streamline operations.

Adelman oversees 109 locations across 9 states, including Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, making his role important in ensuring the security and profitability of Applegreen travel plazas.


User-Friendly Convenience Store Software 

Applegreen travel plazas, bustling with travelers on vacation, weekend trips, and daily commutes, feature an extensive network of security cameras both inside and outside their establishments. While these cameras cannot prevent all potential incidents, they serve as effective deterrents and provide visitors with an increased level of security. When connected to a managed video platform, these cameras serve as reliable sources of evidence in case of any incidents happen within or near the plazas.

Previously, providing law enforcement with access to video footage was a complex and time-consuming process, involving physical visits to the location and manual transfer of video footage to multiple hard drives using USB drives.

With Envysion, Adelman and his team save not just hours but days by conveniently selecting the required date and time frame, clicking the download button, and sending the footage via email to law enforcement personnel.

Adelman also praised Envysion for its consistent reliability, emphasizing its importance in providing instant video evidence for various issues.

“I worked with many other managed video systems and thought they were great. Then I used Envysion and had no idea what I was missing,” Adelman noted.


Convenience Store Loss Prevention with Motion Search and Real-Time Audits

How does Applegreen leverage the Envysion system to its fullest potential? Adelman highlighted the significance of the Motion Search feature in their operations.

Envysion’s Motion Search tool plays a crucial role by allowing users to select a specific timeframe and area on a video screen, such as the money recycler or safe, instantly delivering video segments with precise times when individuals were near the safe. Motion Search simplifies the process, reduces the time spent on manual searches, and accelerates resolution.

Applegreen’s Area Loss Prevention Managers conduct virtual audits weekly for their locations. These audits ensure that managers follow protocols, such as escorting cashiers to their cash recycler or safe after their shifts.


Beyond Security: HR Investigations and Public Incident Documentation

Adelman stressed that the system extends beyond just security. Applegreen’s Human Resources department utilizes the security camera system to investigate incidents, particularly those related to worker’s compensation and customer accidents, such as slip-and-falls. Given the significant financial impact of these incidents, the managed video and 90-day cloud-based storage prove indispensable in resolving claims and minimizing liability.

In summary, Adelman described his experience by saying, “Envysion’s security software is so easy to use and reliable,” cementing his status as one of Envysion’s “biggest fans.”


Applegreen’s alliance with Envysion explains the potential of convenience store loss prevention and asset protection solutions in today’s dynamic convenience store and travel plaza industries. Through streamlined operations, real-time insights, and efficient monitoring, Applegreen travel plazas not only secures profits but also fosters a secure and welcoming environment for employees and customers. With Adelman’s endorsement, Envysion continues to improve the way businesses protect their profits and enhance operational efficiency.

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