May 26, 2020

Product team brings tools to help during shutdown and reopening

An important part of a Product Management team’s role is to recognize customer requirements and translate business needs into product solutions. During this global health crisis, I have heard first-hand of customers’ new challenges relating to business conditions. Many of the typical problems and solutions that customers have evaluated have been upended as businesses have dealt with forced shutdowns and had concerns around unforeseen issues and future business and policy procedures.

As restaurant and retail operators consider new mandates and policies during planning for future operations, Envysion has made strides to focus product and services to meet these planning needs. These include Health and Hygiene audits, remote usage reporting, and additional live video monitoring capabilities.

Health and Hygiene Audits

Restaurant operators are more sensitive to operational guidelines and health and safety considerations than ever before. Proper cleaning and maintenance, employee uniform, mask and glove compliance are among the operational criteria that must be met to satisfy guidelines. Envysion’s professional audit service can provide critical validation to determine health and safety infractions allowing for appropriate correctional action.

Samples include front-of-house audits for dining room views and activity, back-of-house policy (masks, cleanliness), as well as customer engagement at drive-throughs and rating score of the compliance criteria (gloves, cell phone usage, ice machine closure). This gives managers a very efficient tool to provide proof of compliance and maintain the integrity of company guidelines. There is value in the ability to take action on individual violations and initiate enforcement as well as improve adoption and have evidence of compliance of safety protocols.

Usage Reporting

Usage reporting is a tool that managers can utilize to determine their employees’ productivity over periods of time based on generated data. Usage reporting can help businesses manage efficiency and improve employee performance.

Examples of data that can be obtained from the Envysion platform include the user’s login identification, the number of initiated sessions (on both web browser and mobile), the duration of the session, and average amount of time spent during online activity.

Live Monitoring Enhancements

Proactive video surveillance can greatly assist monitoring locations that are closed or have reduced occupancy requirements. As such, Envysion has made live video monitoring enhancements including the ability to monitor video from cameras across an entire domain so users may navigate sites quickly and easily navigate through multiple camera views. The video monitor view from cameras have an easier presentation and search filters to quickly locate specific locations and the cameras at the site, creating an efficient method of checking in on site activity.

Envysion is committed to being your long-term business partner during the present crisis and into the future. As businesses determine their go-forward strategy, we will continue to innovate our cloud-based video surveillance software, reporting, and audit programs to help restaurants and retailers mitigate business risk and reduce loss.

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