March 28, 2018

Choosing the Right Security Camera System

Are you looking for new security camera technology or to enhance your current solution? Overwhelmed by the plethora of options and not sure where to start? In this article we compare the three basic types of video surveillance cameras; Standard Analog, High Definition (HD) Analog, and IP security cameras. Review the relative pros and cons of each to help you choose the camera technology that best matches your current needs now and for the future. Whether you’re looking for a system with the latest integrated video surveillance technology or the most affordable installation costs, Envysion can help you find the solution that’s right for you.
Analog Security Cameras
Analog cameras are the original in security camera technology and remain the most established and popular camera choice. It’s estimated that up to 70% of existing security camera systems currently in use are analog. These basic cameras deliver standard definition video (640×480) over coaxial cabling with a direct connection to a DVR box. Installation for analog security camera systems does not require complex network infrastructures, giving these systems a lower entry price than IP solutions.

thumbs-up.png  Pros: thumns-down.png  Cons:
Low entry price
Straight-forward installation
 Low resolution video

HD Analog Security Cameras
HD Analog security camera systems make it possible upgrade surveillance video quality at a lower cost because you can reuse cables and housing from an existing analog system. HD Analog systems capture video footage with twice the resolution of traditional analog systems. Surveillance video is delivered over coaxial cabling with a direct connection to a DVR box. For those that have existing analog cabling, the cost for HD analog video surveillance hardware can be up to 60% less than IP Cameras while yielding comparable video quality.

thumbs-up.png  Pros: thumns-down.png  Cons:
Reuse existing cabling
Affordable installation
Higher resolution quality, but not the highest

IP Security Cameras
IP security cameras yield the highest resolution video and support advanced video analytics functionality. In addition to capturing the highest quality surveillance footage, IP security cameras provide network flexibility; transmitting power, video and data over a single ethernet cable. These systems have the ability to integrate into existing high-bandwidth network infrastructure and capture the highest quality images.

thumbs-up.png  Pros: thumns-down.png  Cons:
Highest quality video resolution
Supports video analytics
Most expensive hardware

Could your video be doing more?
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