September 1, 2023

Shaping the Future of Loss Prevention: Insights from Envysion’s Loss Prevention and Security Experts

In an exclusive interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with two distinguished members of the Envysion team: Kevin Milner, Senior Director of Audits Professional Services, and Matt McBride, Audit Services Manager. Our aim was to give insights into the ever-evolving landscape of restaurant security and loss prevention. With their combined experience, they shed light on the challenges faced by operators and the technological advancements shaping the industry.

For the past 6.5 years, Kevin has led Envysion’s Audit Program. Prior to this role, he spent over 11 years at Einstein Bros. Bagels, where he served as the Director of Internal Audit and oversaw the loss prevention department. With more than two decades of experience as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Kevin brings a wealth of expertise to his field.

With 6.5 years at Envysion, Matt is a seasoned Loss Prevention professional. With 11 years in the field, he brings valuable expertise from managing a restaurant and working in retail and quick-service restaurant industries. Matt’s commitment to excellence is evident through his achievement of the Loss Prevention Qualified (LPQ) certification.


Q: What are the main challenges restaurant operators face regarding security and managing cash?

A: A key issue is establishing and enforcing effective security and cash handling policies. 

  1. Operators must ensure secure cash storage with restricted access. 
  2. Additionally, proper cash counts and handling should occur in a secure area under video surveillance.


Q: What actions are operators taking in response to cash theft?

A: Unfortunately, some operators only take action once they’ve experienced a substantial loss. Compounding the issue, they frequently concentrate solely on the immediate loss, neglecting the essential attention required to proactively forestall future incidents.


Q: How are the advancements in technology impacting restaurant cash handling or security? 

A: Technology has had a significant impact on how customers order and pay. The rise of kiosks, third-party deliveries, contactless payments, and mobile/online orders has notably decreased the proportion of cash transactions. However, cash transactions have not been entirely eliminated. The potential for fraudulent activities still persists in cash transactions and we are witnessing an uptick in fraudulent behavior associated with these alternative payment methods. 

Even further, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing security. Alongside established tools like smart safes, alarms, and motion detectors, there’s a growing trend of integrating alarms and sensors with video security. This type of integration allows for quick validation of events and can reduce the frequency and the cost of false alarm fees.


Q: How have recent years transformed customer expectations regarding the safety and security measures implemented by restaurants? How can operators effectively convey to customers that their expectations are being met?

A: Customers expect to have a safe and pleasant experience when they dine out. To make them feel safe, restaurant owners need to show that they take safety seriously. Operators can do this by increasing camera coverage and advertising that coverage, hiring uniformed security guards, and offering police discounts.

Additionally, operators can implement and advertise strong cash controls. For example, they can keep only a little bit of cash in the cash registers, stop taking cash payments in the drive-thru, and limit who can access the cash deposits.


Q: What are some typical mistakes made with restaurant security and handling cash? Could you describe an example of a bad situation where an operator or brand found themselves?

A: A big mistake we often notice is not properly securing the restaurant’s physical space. This can mean leaving back doors open, letting people inside after closing, or forgetting to lock up at the end of the day. Unfortunately, this has led to instances where individuals enter through open or unlocked doors and end up robbing the place.

Cash handling also causes many problems. Some common mistakes involve not securing cash registers, leaving safe doors unlocked, counting money in front of customers, and not managing cash deposits and pick-ups on time. We’ve also seen issues with fraudulent cash and credit card refunds due to not following strict refund policies.


Q: Why is it more crucial than ever before to work with with a trusted loss prevention and safety & security partner?

A: It’s essential to align with a trusted partner that offers dependable products, ensuring they work as intended to deliver the best possible outcomes. The safety and security of your customers, team members, and assets can’t be trusted to a discount provider that leaves your company at risk of suffering significant damage to their financials and their reputation.

Restaurant Loss Prevention Security Association (RLPSA) spokesperson Amber Bradley says, “It really boils down to tech solutions like Envysion’s. It’s all about detecting these outlier transactions.” (QSR Magazine)


Q: What additional information is important for the quick-service restaurant industry operators to be aware of?

A: Three things:

  1. Implementing effective policies and procedures can greatly reduce the risks and vulnerabilities faced by a restaurant.
  2. Using the right tools is instrumental in ensuring adherence to documented procedures and helps ensure the safety of guests, team members, and assets.
  3. Taking proactive steps is key – waiting until a major incident happens is not advisable. Operators should act in advance to minimize the likelihood of such events occurring in the first place. 


The conversation with Kevin Milner and Matthew McBride has provided a comprehensive overview of the critical aspects surrounding restaurant security and loss prevention. From establishing robust security policies to the profound impact of technology, the insights shared underscore the paramount importance of prioritizing safety, both for patrons and staff. As the industry continues to evolve, operators are presented with the opportunity to embrace proactive measures and reliable tools to ensure the security of their establishments. For more information on Envysion’s Managed Video Solution, click here

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