April 10, 2023

Use Your Mobile Device to Watch Restaurant Security Footage

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone that allows them to access emails, podcasts, and even join video calls. However, did you know that your smartphone can also act as your eyes and ears for your establishment when you’re away, with the help of a mobile app? Although it’s not feasible to be physically present in multiple locations simultaneously, integrating a managed video solution with a mobile app can provide you with comprehensive visibility across all your establishments.

Business Has Changed

With employee shortages, additional cleaning protocols, and increased online orders, businesses today are finding that the old operational rules don’t work. Restaurants are no exception and have been one of the hardest-hit industries over the past few years. Restaurant managers and owners must discover a better way to succeed in this new business climate.

Do More with Less with a Mobile App

Many restaurants are navigating the dual impact of fewer employees and increased curbside and delivery business. How can you serve in-person customers as well as remote customers with fewer people? You need to rely on technology to supplement the gaps in staff. Your video security system can be your eyes and ears in the restaurant. How? Consider a cloud-based, user-friendly, mobile app video security solution for these three reasons:

1) Cloud-based security systems have unsurpassed storage and quality of video options and will consequently provide more clear footage for your review and training purposes.

2) Flexible setup and use – you select the storage plan and digital quality required based on your specific needs. With a managed video security solution, you should have the power to:

  • Support many users who can view by laptop, tablet, smartphone, within a mobile app. This creates better communication across your business and between staff accordingly.
  • Access live feeds or recorded segments. Managed video security systems have the option to share selected clips with management or staff.
  • Watch several camera views at once for the highest visibility of interactions in your restaurant.

3) There is no added equipment expense, no maintenance, and a low possibility of damage to the system. These features are beneficial for multiple locations for managers and owners who can’t be at each location simultaneously.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you make an informed decision regarding a managed video solution and therefore improve the daily operation of your restaurant or restaurants.

Use Mobile Device Viewing as Training Opportunities

“Employee tracking using a security system isn’t limited to recording theft alone. Using the right equipment will let you know what your employees do.“ (Mobile Video Guard)

Send video clips of suspected staff theft or impropriety directly to the restaurant staff involved, via mobile app or desktop computer. This can either serve as a warning of possible dismissal or be a training opportunity for skill improvement. Send positive staff and customer interactions as a video training tool for new staff or as an important reminder to experienced staff. When employees realize their behavior is captured on video they will subsequently perform at a higher level of professionalism. They will also think twice about theft or other unacceptable behavior.

Choose Your Restaurant Video Security System Wisely

To get the best product for your money, look for fully integrated video security systems like Envysion’s Video Security Mobile App. This mobile app offers cloud-based storage of your security video, plus easy playback, share, and analytic tools available on-site or via mobile device to always keep on top of your store’s security.

As restaurant owners juggle the current shortage of employees and added complexity to their operations, managed video solutions can then be the one consistent tool that is always working on their behalf.

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