How Long Should Security Cameras Last for My Business?

Video security is a crucial backbone in restaurants and convenience store establishments. Managed video software helps with loss prevention, human resource, brand equity, operational excellence, and so much more. With that said, owners and operators rely on recorded or live … Read More

Internal vs External Theft

What causes more damage to a retail operation, external (shoplifting/robbery) or internal (employee) theft? By a nearly 3-to-1 margin, retailers say that internal theft is more extensive than external theft at their establishments. Today, let’s take a look at loss … Read More

Having safety measures in place will reduce slip and falls

4 Ways to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents in your Wireless Retail Store

Nothing can affect a wireless retail store owner’s business like injuries sustained on the job. Not only do retail store slip and fall accidents leave you short of help, but you could also face litigation if the victim decides to … Read More

Man on phone at a wireless store

Use Your Mobile Device to View Wireless Retail Store Video Surveillance

Almost everyone owns a smartphone today. You can check your email, watch podcasts, even join a video call all from your phone. Did you know that your mobile device can also be your eyes and ears when you are away … Read More

Wireless Phone Store Camera

6 Key Areas Wireless Store Owners Need to Monitor

If you own or manage a retail wireless store, you know there are several areas of activity in the front and back of store at any given time. It can feel impossible to monitor each interaction in one location, not … Read More

Envysion Mobile app on a mobile phone

5 Wireless Retail Exception Reports You Should Review Every Morning

Any good wireless business owner knows the basic data points driving the successes of their business: ‘What are our total sales?’ ‘What are our costs in labor?’ ‘Where are our profit margins in phones and accessories?’ Getting answers to these … Read More

A busy wireless store with employees and customers.

How To Start Your Own Wireless Retail Business

The last 18 months have shaken up everything familiar and challenged the norm. The traditional workplace has evolved to a hybrid of working from home and the office. Many wondered if their employer would survive another disruption. Some have reassessed … Read More

Sysco truck showing supply chain challenge

Supply Chain Challenge? Learn How to Navigate It.

Among the new challenges many restaurants face today, supply chain disruption has affected everything from inventory, hours of operation, and staffing. Under-performance at any of these layers will ultimately affect customer satisfaction. Restaurant managers cannot always count on the right … Read More

Security cameras in restaurant

Avoiding the Costs of COVID Exposure

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that employee health and safety remains a top concern among risk management professionals, as we emerge from a spring of regional lockdowns toward a sustainable new business-as-usual model in QSR and retail. Every business wants to … Read More

Solution Delivery Team Builds Premiere Customer Experience

In the early summer of 2019 Envysion established a customer-facing project management office to deliver Envysion solutions to our customers through uniform processes across our entire customer base. Today our team of solution delivery project managers (SDPMs) is managed by … Read More