Customer Success Certification Increases Productivity

Amy Boswell

Amy Boswell, Team Lead of Customer Success, recently completed a 12-week course to receive her Level 1 Certified Customer Success Manager (CCSM) certification. This was a college paced class with live lectures each week. Earners of the CCSM badge have learned the key practices top CSMs use to deliver better outcomes for their customers. With the completion of the CCSM Level 1 training, Amy understands how to apply the fundamental best practices of Customer Success Management to resolve real, everyday challenges Customer Success professionals face as they work with their customers.

Boswell says, “The training was incredibly valuable. I was eager to learn more and fill in my knowledge gaps and I certainly accomplished that. The experience was definitely worth it!” Boswell is using her newfound knowledge to lead her team and support restaurant, convenience store and retail customers. She added, “We have a competitive edge because we provide individual customer training on a SaaS (software as a service) solution and we understand the nature of how our software affects the growth of a business. We bring everyday value to our customers using our software by giving them solutions to solve some of their underlying struggles.”

Boswell gained valuable insights from her classmates who work in the customer success industry from across the world. As a part of the course, they evaluated each other on their ability to ask analytical questions and maintain customer engagement during conversations. Boswell scored the highest in the class!

The course was taught by Aaron Thompson, Customer Success Keynote Speaker and Educator. Boswell was particularly impacted by a point made by Professor Thompson, “You can let the whirlwind of putting out fires consume you everyday because it will fill all your working hours. But, you can’t be someone’s trusted advisor, who is counting on you to protect their bottom line, if all you are doing is being a fireman. You need to be proactive!”

Other members of Envysion’s Customer Success team will be joining classes to further their knowledge in the coming months.