Envysion’s Customer Success: Fostering Positive Customer Experiences and Building Lasting Relationships

Restaurant, Convenience Stores, and Retail customer success is our specialty.

Restaurants focus on serving delicious food and delighting their customers. Convenience stores focus on creating a safe environment for their customers and making the shopping experience efficient. There is not a lot of time left to learn new software. This is why Envysion has an entire team dedicated to customer success!

Envysion’s Customer Success Manager (CSM) team is tasked with building customer loyalty and fostering long-term relationships. They ensure that our customers have a positive experience and the knowledge needed to successfully use the Envysion Managed Video Solution in an efficient manner.

Kelsey Murray, Head of Customer Success, has built a solid team foundation and methodology, “Our CSMs are advocates for our customers. They solve loss prevention and asset protection business problems using the software and work with customers to execute on a viable solution specific to their brand and business needs. With in-depth knowledge, our CSM team continuously introduces value within our software offering actionable insights.”

The Customer Success Managers are trained on the specific brands they work with so they can have a deep understanding of each of the brand’s internal language and terminology. “We operate based on a White Glove approach when working with our customers. Our intimate understanding of brands and concepts within the restaurant, convenience store, and retail industries allows us to stand out with our customers as valuable extensions to their business”, explains Kelsey.

Kelsey shares insights into understanding the difference of how a restaurant that runs a line structure, such as making tacos, can be very different from a restaurant that makes hamburgers. We also are fully aware of the differing ways loss happens in the varying concepts and can share our exclusive knowledge and expertise with our customers in a comparative manner. 

Amy Boswell, a Customer Success Manager expert and Team Lead says, “The ability to manage and strategize for more complex accounts grows with the experience of the CSM. With years of experience and vast knowledge of multiple brands it allows me to share with the team on successfully creating value with our customers.”

“It’s important that the people on our teams learn and grow with us,” says Amy. “We continuously train, educate and support our team offering growth and success in their careers”.

Mayra Alvarenga, CSM Team Lead said, “We partner with our customers site by site, or per location. We communicate with all levels of the organization, from the owner to the location manager or Loss Prevention Director to Head of HR. It’s our unique service for industries we work with. We understand what they need and have a deep knowledge in each brand we work with.”

“There isn’t a day that goes by in our department that we don’t have a significant impact on an owner’s bottom line. In this economy, to be able to help a customer everyday, protecting their people and profits, is a tangible service we are proud to offer,” says Amy Boswell, CSM Team Lead.

If you like working with people in a fast paced environment and solving problems, find out if our Customer Success Manager team is currently adding top talent.